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Most Asked Question by Customers – Color Printers or Not

Why choose color? 

One of our most frequently asked questions – whether it’s worth spending the extra for a color Photocopier or MFD. I guess the real question is – whats color going to do for me?

There have been numerous studies on the impact of color – there is no doubt that as human beings color can have an affect on our mood, our behavior and our perception.  It is this hidden power that marketing guru’s try and capture when putting your branding together or designing your next piece of marketing.  We desire and aim to have effect on the recipient of our information, and it is colour that facilitates this.  This impact of color on your customers (or staff) is so important to harness in both your printed material as well as through all other media and yet paper seems to be the media type that we hold back on in order to save a few dollars in the pocket without a thought for the impact of that investment.

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Here’s a thought… we all have websites these days – and when was the last time you saw one in black and white?! This is because WE KNOW that colour will give a better impression; be easier to read; convey content better etc. Why wouldn’t you choose to continue the message from web to print?

This is all marketing speak and maybe your business isn’t marketing focused, but is it information focused?  If you are trying to get detail effectively across to people (reports, training, presentation etc) then colour is important for you too. Color tabs or color sections help to get to the correct part of a document faster.  Color photos in documents improve the understanding of the reader. Information is retained better when it has been delivered in color – lets face it, it is boring to read through those giant black and white reports and no-one retains well when they are bored!

Essentially everyone knows the power and impact of color these days and we would all love to make use of it…the good news is that the gap between a black and white MFD and color is now much smaller than it was even 2 years ago. Simply click here and we will be in touch to work a cost comparison for you or see if colour can fit in to your business life.

What’s stopping you?…

  • You outsource all your colour work?  Well, it used to be that this was the best way to manage these jobs when colour was not available in the office,  yet these days it is often more cost effective to do it in house – speak with one of our consultants and they will perform a quick assessment for you.
  • It is the control issue?  If you are worried about escalating costs, we have plenty of tools to help you monitor or limit the usage so that only the jobs you want done are done in colour.  No accidental colour pages or people printing things they shouldn’t.
  • You already have a small colour printer? Be sure to check the article ‘Why choose an MFD over separate devices’ and then be sure to check your page coverage and what the page costs of your colour printer are.  If you need a hand with understanding this, Just click here and we can perform a cost check for you.

You are looking at a key piece of equipment that will be with you for the next 3-5 years – maximise the effect that it can have for you on your business and the businesses that you interact with.  If you don’t understand the potential, your competition might!!! 90% of our customers buy a color machine.

Color Printers is the way forward and Tosiba Tech is geared for the future

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