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Copier Rentals – A Cost Effective Solution

A copier is a machine which makes exact copies of some documents and photos. These copiers are also available on rent given by various companies. Service for copier rentals are provided for various industries like government bodies, high tech and communications, transportation, manufacturing, travel, insurance, healthcare, energy, retail and consumer industries, financial services and many more.

renting your copier - Copier rental


The benefits of copier rentals include lower costs both for short and long terms, and maintenance of the machine and its other parts is usually included in the cost. The machines can also be upgraded according to the customer’s needs and requirements. Also,

At the end of the agreement the copier is not sold. This creates huge capital for the borrower. The service providers also take care of the transportation of the machine to the sites and offices along with installation.

Copier rentals fulfill the short term demand of producing intense documentation for special events or to meet documentation needs during unforeseen emergencies and contingencies. They meet the peak season requirements during increased workloads like quarterly reporting and litigation. They are also suitable for various events such as conventions, seminars, and meetings.

Flexible Costs

Flexible rental plans are offered to the customers with each customer getting a customized proposal as per his capacities and needs. This is to ensure that the customer takes a reliable decision with regard to copying and printing requirements which also benefits the companies providing copier rentals.

Features of Copiers

These copiers are high volume, intense, and high speed machines which cater to effective printing needs and image quality. They are flexible and reliable with highlight color printing and productive monochrome. They are not only cost effective but also best suitable for high definition photo quality. They can be used for both black and white and color printing services. At times, they are also a combination of printer, copier, scanner and faxing machine. On an average the printer can print 35 pages in a minute. It also facilitates double sided printing and carry high memory up to 128 MB.


The companies providing copier rentals lend the copiers to the borrowers for short term or long term. An agreement is then signed between the two parties in which all of the mutually agreed conditions are listed down. These conditions include the interest payment, period of interest payment, time period of the rental, and the terms of maturity. At the time of maturity the copier is handed over to the lending party. At times the borrower can keep the copier with himself, as per the terms discussed earlier. The installation charges and the training charges are usually paid by the lender which acts like an additional service for the borrower. The terms laid down in the contract are absolute and violation costs heavy to the defaulting party.

Copier rentals is a cheaper and convenient option for those companies looking for short term ownership of the machine or people who do not carry enough cash to buy the new machine. They also cater to the emergency situations where bulk printing is required.

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