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New Eco Machine e-Studio 4508LP

E-Studio4508LP – Eco Toshiba 

  • Toshiba’s unique erasable toner, allowing the user to erase printed paper by up to 5 times.
  • Reduce paper wastage by up to 80%**
  • Reduce carbon emission
  • The world’s first MFP to incorporate a unique erasable toner enabling the output to be erased and re-used multiple times. By reducing paper consumption, not only means lower cost but a smaller, more eco-friendly carbon footprint.



Toshiba’s hybrid technology combines conventional printing with erasable printing which allows you to reuse paper over and over again. One single device easily connects, integrates, and simplifies your workflows — and also helps to save valuable resources. At Toshiba, we are dedicated to serving our customers and committed to the future of our planet on our promise of Together Information. Black and White printing has never been this green.
The world’s first Black and White MFP with erasable print function.




The idea of a paperless office has been around for more than 40 years, yet even modern business workflows still require printed documents. Toshiba offers companies a practical approach to saving paper without impacting on proven print workflows. Our unique hybrid printing technology offers everything you would expect from a state-of-the-art multifunction printer (MFP) and more: You can now even reuse the paper.


One single system can print in regular black as well as in erasable blue. For you, this means you can use the Hybrid MFP just like any other monochrome device to print in black and can choose from a variety of finishing options to ensure you have a system which covers all your needs. Our erasable blue toner allows you to reuse the paper you have printed on so that you can use less paper, without having to print less. Reducing paper usage will save natural resources, reducing your company’s footprint and also help you save money.


Driven by Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Next controller the system will boost your productivity. It provides ease-of-use and ensures that the device is capable of adapting to your document workflows. Whether you need to connect to 3rd party solutions or simply want to optimise your internal processes, the Toshiba Hybrid MFP is there to help you enhance your overall efficiency.




How does it work?
Often documents are only temporary, e.g. proofs or as a reminder to do something. For these cases Toshiba’s hybrid system gives you the possibility to select the erasable blue toner, so that when you don’t need your document anymore, you don’t have to throw the paper away, but can delete whatever was printed on it and reuse the sheet. To make it easier rule-based printing can be activated in the printer driver. This allows you to define multiple rules for the printer driver to then automatically select the blue toner e.g. for all e-mails and faxes as these type of documents usually tend to be used only
temporarily. To easily track how much you have already saved, the e-BRIDGE Paper Reuse Report calculates paper reduction and average paper usage to show your environmental contribution at a glance.

How can the toner be erased?
The Hybrid MFP has a built-in erasing function. Simply place the used paper into the designated cassette and start the process. The blue toner will be erased making the sheets ready to be re-used for printing. Alternatively, you can use the optional e-STUDIO rd301 — an erasing unit with advanced features. Not only does it erase at a speed of up to 30 ppm, it also sorts the paper into reusable and non-reusable paper. Additionally, it can also digitise the documents for electronic archiving before erasing the toner.

What is the benefit?
Assuming that you use a sheet of paper five times (i.e. reuse it four times) and you print 4,000 erasable pages per month, you can save 80% paper. This means that after five years you will have saved almost 200,000 sheets of paper. In other words: The same amount of paper which you would usually use in one year, will now last five years.