importance of quality cctv systems in the home

The Importance of Quality CCTV Systems in the Home


CCTV systems are considered the domain of busy mall shops and parking lots, but they are steadily becoming a must have security feature for the home.

Crime just won’t let up in South Africa. There seems to be an ever-present risk around every corner, and for those serious about making sure that their homes are secured, one of the most important features that you can include in your security set up, is a reliable CCTV system. CCTV remains the most effective way to ensure that you have eyes on your home at all times of the day and night.

It is not only a great crime deterrent, but it is also a fantastic resource for those who have been robbed and need evidence or a screenshot of the robbers.

With the affordability of CCTV systems and the fact that they are easy to install in even the most unlikely of places, more and more people can benefit from having one of these systems put in place. We at Toshiba Tech can supply our clients with this additional security which could be just what they need to make their homes that little bit more secure. In this article we discuss the importance of quality CCTV systems in the home. You may get the latest updates sent straight to your phone with the EskomSePush app. Keep up with Eskom, City Power in Johannesburg, and the City of Cape Town by following their respective social media accounts. To find out more about the best printers for sale in South Africa, or our affordable copier rentals, get in touch with a consultant today. We also offer SME financing options too.

What are CCTV systems?


CCTV, or closed-circuit television systems, are camera systems designed to record the area upon which the camera has been focused. These cameras are the ideal surveillance setup and over the years the technology used to develop these systems has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, you can get a crystal-clear video recording, which helps to make the system even more effective.

These cameras are connected to monitors which record the images and only give access to the images, to those who have permission to view them. This access means the images are secure and private and are often protected by passwords. Depending on the system that you have in place, you can access the images via a computer or laptop, or even a smartphone.

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should i have a cctv system installed

Should I have a CCTV system installed in my home?


The installation of a CCTV system can be a discreet way in which to observe the goings on in your home and around your property.

The benefits of having a CCTV system installed are quite exceptional. Just the presence of a couple of cameras can be more than enough to chase off would be criminals and give you that additional peace of mind.

If you are thinking about having the system installed, these are the benefits that you can look forward to enjoying.

See who is hanging around your home


As well as being able to have an eye on the street and property, you will generally have a camera placed at the door, which will allow you to clearly see who is knocking. While most people who come to your home are going to be invited, there is always the risk of having unwanted strangers hanging around. With your CCTV, you can see who is visiting you before you open the door. Naturally, this increases the security of your home.


Keep an eye on your children


The days of having nanny cameras and baby monitors are all but over when you choose to have a CCTV system in your home. When you have your CCTV in place, you can keep a careful eye on your children, to ensure that they are safe and not up to mischief. It is also helpful to have a camera setup when you are at work and you want to make sure that your children arrive home safely from school, while you can also keep an eye on them when they are with a babysitter.


Look for disturbances


Like a scene out of a horror movie, hearing something going bump in the night can be quite terrifying, especially when you know you must investigate the noise. The fear of running into an armed criminal is something that every South African is all too familiar with. So, instead of putting yourself in harm’s way, you can use your CCTV cameras to be your eyes, while you stay safe in your bedroom. Since these cameras can be accessed using a smartphone, you can carry your security with you, ensuring that you are always aware of what is going on.


See what goes on when you are away


Being on holiday as a South African is to be both excited for the break and anxious because you are leaving your home unattended. With your CCTV cameras hooked up, you can stay aware of what is going on, even when you are 1000s of kilometres away from home. You can also set up your cameras in such a way that they connect to the alarm or even to your security company, which will trigger a response that could help ensure that your house stays protected.


Take care of others


If you are looking after an elderly person, having these systems in place can give you both peace of mind. Sadly, we can’t always be at home to take care of those they love, but that doesn’t mean we have to be stressed out all the time just because we can’t be there for them all the time. Having cameras setup throughout the house will allow you to keep an eye out for your loved ones. Should something happen to them, you can either rush home or alert someone, even a security company, to assist them.

CCTVs most certainly have a place in most homes, and they don’t have to feel like an invasion of privacy when you take into consideration just how useful such a system can be. CCTV cameras are an invaluable security investment and when you work with Toshiba Tech, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality product that will be reliable and will provide you with the security and peace of mind that you have been looking for.