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Where and How to Find Support on Photocopiers

In today’s world of technical advances, virtually every business makes use of some type of photocopier. Photocopiers, like everything in the technological world, are advancing to be able to offer a wide array of features to suit every kind of business need. From compact and simple black and white photocopiers to large and complex multifunctional color copiers, it can be a frustrating experience when something goes wrong and you need to find support to get your machine up and running again. Or perhaps you cannot figure out how to use some of the features on a complex machine. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology comes advancement in support on photocopiers of every kind. In today’s world, it is simple to find support on photocopiers of every type.

Support on Photocopiers - Toshibatech

Where to Begin

The obvious first step in getting support on photocopiers is to look through the user guide that came with your photocopier. For larger and more complex machines, these manuals can be incredibly large and difficult to navigate. If you cannot find a solution in your user guide, where should you turn next?

Most companies provide technical support on photocopiers they manufacture. Depending on your warranty or the company, you may be charged for using technical support, especially if a technician needs to be dispatched to work on your photocopier personally.

If you are a somewhat technically savvy person, but the user guide for your photocopier is of no help, try doing an online search about the issue before contacting the company directly. Many manufacturers have online support, and even if the manufacturing company for your photocopier does not, you may find a how-to article offering a simple solution to your problem.

Finding Support on Difficult Issues

Finding support on photocopiers can sometimes be difficult depending on the issue. Fortunately, virtually every manufacturing company offers on-site technical support if you are unable to resolve your issue personally.

When you contact the manufacturing company for your photocopier, you will be connected with a technical support specialist. They will ask the details of your machine and about the issue you are having with it. They will attempt to walk you through a solution, or send a technician out to check your photocopier and resolve the issue.

Finding Support on Older Photocopiers

Finding support on photocopiers can become most difficult if you have an older, out of date machine. There are many resellers of photocopiers or private technicians you will have to seek if something goes wrong with an out of date photocopier. Every machine reaches a point in its life where it will no longer function properly regardless of the technical support you are able to find.

Fortunately, in today’s world it is becoming much easier to find an affordable photocopier to suit your needs. You may even be able to find a company willing to buy your old machine or give you a discount on a new one if you trade your old one in, much like with used cars.

Whether you need support with fixing your machine or with buying a new one, there is a company out there to offer you support in any of your business needs. 

Toshibatech Copiers South Africa Offers Solutions for Every Business

Toshibatech is the leading supplier of copiers in South Africa. Toshibatech Copiers South Africa is a technical solutions company which specializes in the retail of multifunctional copiers, printers, and fax machines from Toshiba, a leading globally recognized brand which manufactures this equipment. Toshibatech Copiers South Africa operates independently from Toshiba, but offers Toshiba equipment to purchase or rent and provides technical service to the consumer.

Toshiba Copiers South Africa

Why Choose Toshibatech?

Toshibatech Copiers South Africa offers a wide variety of multifunctioning equipment and high standards of service. They are focused on providing energy efficient, environmentally friendly solutions to businesses in South Africa. They offer advice and support to the consumer to help them choose a machine that best suits their business needs without wasting toner, paper, and money on a machine that does not offer what they need.

Wide Variety

Toshibatech Copiers South Africa supply multifunctioning equipment offering monochrome machines, duplicators, and color copiers. The machines they supply can perform a wide range of functions. Toshibatech stresses on analyzing the functions of the machines before choosing one in order to reduce operational costs and waste.

Monochrome copiers are your standard black and white copying machines. They also function as a printer and can print and copy on a single side of paper or duplex. These copiers are ideal for a business setting in which the main necessity would be copying black and white documents, photos, or brochures.

Duplicators are generally more compact and produce prints for a lower cost than other copying machines. However, the quality of the prints is lower as well.

Color copiers are the multifunctioning solution for a business which handles a wide array of printing. These machines are generally equipped with scanning and faxing capabilities and most offer additional functions such as paper folding and stapling.

If your business values an environmentally conscious environment, Toshibatech even supplies eco-friendly copiers which are made of recycled materials and run on lower energy.

In addition to these different kinds of machines, Toshibatech Copiers South Africa also offer customer service and technical support as well as the option to rent some of the machines. This is an especially helpful option for businesses who wouldn’t be printing large projects regularly, but find themselves in a situation where they need to make use of a larger copying machine for a short period of time. Toshibatech offers support service on their rental equipment as well.

Get the Facts

Toshibatech Copiers South Africa offer a list of specifications on each product they supply, informing the consumer of details such as copying time, copy/print speed, paper capacity, minimum and maximum paper size and weight, memory size, power consumption, and more. Having these specifications laid out makes it very simple for the consumer to consider every detail before choosing the perfect machine to suit their business needs.

It is recommended to make a list of the devices and services that your office currently uses, such as fax machines and scanners, and a list of requirements you are searching for with your new machine. Toshibatech offers an array of solutions to meet the needs of any business, large or small.

Most Asked Question by Customers – Color Printers or Not

Why choose color? 

One of our most frequently asked questions – whether it’s worth spending the extra for a color Photocopier or MFD. I guess the real question is – whats color going to do for me?

There have been numerous studies on the impact of color – there is no doubt that as human beings color can have an affect on our mood, our behavior and our perception.  It is this hidden power that marketing guru’s try and capture when putting your branding together or designing your next piece of marketing.  We desire and aim to have effect on the recipient of our information, and it is colour that facilitates this.  This impact of color on your customers (or staff) is so important to harness in both your printed material as well as through all other media and yet paper seems to be the media type that we hold back on in order to save a few dollars in the pocket without a thought for the impact of that investment.

toshiba-e-studio-2050c -1 color

Here’s a thought… we all have websites these days – and when was the last time you saw one in black and white?! This is because WE KNOW that colour will give a better impression; be easier to read; convey content better etc. Why wouldn’t you choose to continue the message from web to print?

This is all marketing speak and maybe your business isn’t marketing focused, but is it information focused?  If you are trying to get detail effectively across to people (reports, training, presentation etc) then colour is important for you too. Color tabs or color sections help to get to the correct part of a document faster.  Color photos in documents improve the understanding of the reader. Information is retained better when it has been delivered in color – lets face it, it is boring to read through those giant black and white reports and no-one retains well when they are bored!

Essentially everyone knows the power and impact of color these days and we would all love to make use of it…the good news is that the gap between a black and white MFD and color is now much smaller than it was even 2 years ago. Simply click here and we will be in touch to work a cost comparison for you or see if colour can fit in to your business life.

What’s stopping you?…

  • You outsource all your colour work?  Well, it used to be that this was the best way to manage these jobs when colour was not available in the office,  yet these days it is often more cost effective to do it in house – speak with one of our consultants and they will perform a quick assessment for you.
  • It is the control issue?  If you are worried about escalating costs, we have plenty of tools to help you monitor or limit the usage so that only the jobs you want done are done in colour.  No accidental colour pages or people printing things they shouldn’t.
  • You already have a small colour printer? Be sure to check the article ‘Why choose an MFD over separate devices’ and then be sure to check your page coverage and what the page costs of your colour printer are.  If you need a hand with understanding this, Just click here and we can perform a cost check for you.

You are looking at a key piece of equipment that will be with you for the next 3-5 years – maximise the effect that it can have for you on your business and the businesses that you interact with.  If you don’t understand the potential, your competition might!!! 90% of our customers buy a color machine.

Color Printers is the way forward and Tosiba Tech is geared for the future

Toshiba’s Latest Color Multifunction Printers Brighten Offices Large and Small

Company’s new e-STUDIO Products Include Array of Next-Generation Technologies to Meet Demands of Today’s Business Environment

To allow businesses to create dynamic color documents in a secure and ecological manner, Toshiba Tech SA today introduces its e-STUDIOTM5560C/6560C/6570C series of multifunction products (MFPs).


By producing vibrant images and text at up to 1,200 x 1,200 dots per inch resolution and delivering up to 65 pages-per-minute while in color mode, the company’s new product line is ideal for businesses large and small. For users seeking high-speed performance, the e-STUDIO6570C series produces as many as 75 monochrome pages-per-minute.

To adhere to and maintain brand integrity for marketing materials such as advertisements and brochures, users may take advantage of Toshiba’s e-BRIDGETM Color Profiler Version 2.0 software. This tool enables users to accurately match and support the widest array of recognized Pantone® color palettes possible. To further complement users within graphics-intensive environments, the new print fleet includes a fiery controller option.

For greater color accuracy during lengthy print tasks, Toshiba’s e-STUDIO6570C series also includes its Auto-Calibration feature, which runs periodic checks to ensure that hues remain consistent throughout the printing process.

By integrating a 10.4-inch tiltable touch screen panel – incorporating the company’s next generation e-BRIDGE controller – within the new e-STUDIO6570C series’ product design, users may more easily manage, capture and deliver documents.

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE controller further allows all of the benefits associated with cloud and mobile printing for Apple® and AndroidTM smartphones and tablets while seamlessly allowing users to access and utilize third-party software for added printing efficiency.

Toshiba e-STUDIO 2050c

To more securely store documents, the new MFPs include a robust 320 GB Self-Encrypting Drive (SED), which have attained validation to the stringent U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2. By incorporating Toshiba’s unique wipe technology, the data residing on the drive automatically erases when accessed by an unregistered system.  As a result of achieving this validation, Toshiba’s e-STUDIO6570C series products are available for use in highly regulated environments such as government facilities. For added information security, Toshiba’s latest e-STUDIO models include a Hard Copy Security feature to prevent the copying of sensitive documents.

Conforming to Toshiba’s mandate to reduce environmental impact, the company’s new printing products meet the stringent Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive – or RoHS – compliance.

Coupling a low-temperature fusing toner and Super Sleep Mode feature – reducing power consumption to a mere 1.5 watts while in this mode – the MFPs limit electricity use. To further reduce its carbon footprint, Toshiba’s e-STUDIO6570C series integrate recycled plastics throughout its chassis.

As an eco-conscious company, Toshiba offers customers free toner recycling per its “Zero Waste to Landfill” program. Through its partnership with Close the Loop, Toshiba accepts all brands of spent toner cartridges. Once Toshiba’s MFPs are no longer operational, the company recycles these products. Toshiba has 14 recycling locations throughout the United States; working with all customers in support of its Zero Waste to Landfill initiative.

“With the unveiling of our e-STUDIO6570C series, we now outfit companies of any size with an affordable printing fleet featuring industry-leading image quality to fully address their employees’ diverse print needs” said Bill Melo, vice president of marketing, services and solutions at Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. “Aside from the premier color elements inherent throughout the products, our new e-STUDIO offerings combine an array of security and energy-saving elements.”

The e-STUDIO6570C series is available for purchase through authorized Toshiba dealers. For more information about Toshiba products visit Toshiba Tech website

Latest Color Multifunction Printers assist in brightening up any office

Toshiba e-studio 2550c MFP Wins Energy Efficiency award – Award Winning Printer

Toshiba e-studio 2550c MFP

We are proud to announce that Toshiba’s e-STUDIO 2550c™ multifunction product (MFP) has won Buyer Laboratory LLC’s Winter 2014 “Outstanding Achievement” Award for energy efficiency! Buyer Laboratory LLC is the “leading source for unbiased and reliable intelligence for the global digital imaging industry” and they have been one of the world’s leading providers. The award came through careful testing and performance. The e-STUDIO 2550c used 40% less power than other multifunction manufacturers.
Joe Tishcner, a BLI Test technician says, “With the e-STUDIO 2550c, users have access to many of the latest environmental features, such as blank-page removal and proof and job review modes, but they’ll also benefit from the unit’s superbly energy-efficient design,” x.

Better Office Systems is pleased to carry a product, and company, that has such a strong moral connection to environmental responsibility. Environmental awareness and concern is a large part of this industry. We are innovating new ways to reduce waste, minimize carbon footprints, all while maximizing your products potential. At BOS, we offer Encompass Green Reports where you can browse environmental initiatives. Going green also saves green; cost reduction comes hand-in-hand by reducing paper and electricity. With our products you can become part of the solution today!
Toshiba has very similar environmental practices as well. They offer free toner recycling, a sero-waste-to-landfill partnership with Close the Loop. This program has proven to be a success, in 2013 193 tons of toner waste was recycled because of it.
To be environmentally sound is a gift. Better Office Systems chooses the most responsible brands with efficient and effective products. The next time you consider buying a printer, while you look through product details and specification, make sure to take into account the products environmental impact. Luckily, Toshiba has simplified the search for an environmentally friendly and high-volume product. The e-STUDIO 2550c deserves this outstanding achievement. Congratulations!

Toshiba Tech supplies award winning printer to South Africa