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Toshibatech Copiers South Africa Offers Solutions for Every Business

Toshibatech is the leading supplier of copiers in South Africa. Toshibatech Copiers South Africa is a technical solutions company which specializes in the retail of multifunctional copiers, printers, and fax machines from Toshiba, a leading globally recognized brand which manufactures this equipment. Toshibatech Copiers South Africa operates independently from Toshiba, but offers Toshiba equipment to purchase or rent and provides technical service to the consumer.

Toshiba Copiers South Africa

Why Choose Toshibatech?

Toshibatech Copiers South Africa offers a wide variety of multifunctioning equipment and high standards of service. They are focused on providing energy efficient, environmentally friendly solutions to businesses in South Africa. They offer advice and support to the consumer to help them choose a machine that best suits their business needs without wasting toner, paper, and money on a machine that does not offer what they need.

Wide Variety

Toshibatech Copiers South Africa supply multifunctioning equipment offering monochrome machines, duplicators, and color copiers. The machines they supply can perform a wide range of functions. Toshibatech stresses on analyzing the functions of the machines before choosing one in order to reduce operational costs and waste.

Monochrome copiers are your standard black and white copying machines. They also function as a printer and can print and copy on a single side of paper or duplex. These copiers are ideal for a business setting in which the main necessity would be copying black and white documents, photos, or brochures.

Duplicators are generally more compact and produce prints for a lower cost than other copying machines. However, the quality of the prints is lower as well.

Color copiers are the multifunctioning solution for a business which handles a wide array of printing. These machines are generally equipped with scanning and faxing capabilities and most offer additional functions such as paper folding and stapling.

If your business values an environmentally conscious environment, Toshibatech even supplies eco-friendly copiers which are made of recycled materials and run on lower energy.

In addition to these different kinds of machines, Toshibatech Copiers South Africa also offer customer service and technical support as well as the option to rent some of the machines. This is an especially helpful option for businesses who wouldn’t be printing large projects regularly, but find themselves in a situation where they need to make use of a larger copying machine for a short period of time. Toshibatech offers support service on their rental equipment as well.

Get the Facts

Toshibatech Copiers South Africa offer a list of specifications on each product they supply, informing the consumer of details such as copying time, copy/print speed, paper capacity, minimum and maximum paper size and weight, memory size, power consumption, and more. Having these specifications laid out makes it very simple for the consumer to consider every detail before choosing the perfect machine to suit their business needs.

It is recommended to make a list of the devices and services that your office currently uses, such as fax machines and scanners, and a list of requirements you are searching for with your new machine. Toshibatech offers an array of solutions to meet the needs of any business, large or small.

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