Buying vs Renting Paper Shredders


When the time to shred many documents arrives, more and more businesses realise they have two options. The choice of purchasing or renting a shredder has a considerable effect on budget and productivity.


Is it better to buy or rent a shredder?


To get the answer to this question, we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

buying vs renting shredders

Shredder rental

Many business owners choose to rent a shredder, particularly when selecting the right machine to buy proves to be too difficult. If you want to hire a shredder nearby, you should first conduct some research on the subject. If so, there are a few important factors to consider.


Pros of renting a shredder

You won’t be accountable for the shredding machine’s upkeep. The machine does not require maintenance or parts replacement. With this in mind, a one-time investment can be more cost-effective depending on how frequently it is utilised and for what purpose. Before making a choice, make sure to talk about maintenance expenses with a reliable dealer.

Even if you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a machine, you can still shred documents. We offer shredder rentals on a monthly basis to meet this requirement.


Cons of using a shredder rental


Renting a shredder is an expense, not a financial investment. You only acquire a company asset when you purchase a shredder. Buying a shredder provides you access to more models at a wider range of prices, but renting a shredder frequently limits you to a small number of machines. This indicates that you might not always get the desired machine in the anticipated condition. It’s also difficult to ensure that it will perform at its best because it might have been used by others in the past.


Buying a shredder


Shredder purchases are more expensive up front, but they might be more cost-effective in the long run. You must choose whether to purchase a new machine sooner rather than acquiring a new rental if the equipment is working overtime.


Pros of owning a shredder


You have complete discretion over the shredder’s brand, colour, and size when you purchase it. The shredder that best fits your office’s needs can be chosen by you. You’ll need to make a one-time investment or pay it off in monthly installments, as previously suggested.

Shredders can last for many years if care is taken to make sure they are serviced periodically and that people who use them do it correctly.

You can spend your money on a business asset rather than paying a monthly charge to use a company’s shredder.


Cons of buying a shredder


The machine’s maintenance costs are your responsibility. You’ll be responsible for the expense if something fails or the shredder needs to be replaced.

Employee negligence and disregard for user instructions can cause machine damage and malfunction.

It can be challenging and dangerous to find the right individual to handle and destroy sensitive data.

Contact a representative online to learn more about our selection of shredders for sale. The Kobra paper shredder range is our most popular selection. Additionally, we provide SME financing options to help small and medium-sized businesses run more effectively. If you require shredder rentals or shredding services, we will be happy to offer you advice and a free estimate.

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