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Company Profile

Why Toshiba Tech

Toshiba Tech cc was established in 2002 with 11 years of management experience in the copier market in South AfricaToshiba Tech is an Authorized Toshiba Dealer in South Africa. Through networks consisting of current contracted agents with tax and financial consulting operations to provide a comprehensive client service, extending to over 600 and growing clients

The Toshiba product range is well respected within the office automation industry; globally Toshiba is ranked as one of the top office automation suppliers. Locally Toshiba has been established in the South African market since 1976.
Toshiba is no.1 in the largest world market (China) and has been for over 10 consecutive years. The population of China is 1.3 billion citizens.
Last year Toshiba boasted having sold 7.8 million MFP units since its inception of MFP production 38 years ago. Therefore knowing this we have chosen the best of breed products for our customers.

Toshiba Tech’s business offering is structured around the provision of productive office automation solutions and IT infrastructure, within small to medium businesses as well as corporate business. Toshiba Tech also has a new focus on the government sector and schools as a whole. The basis of which, is showing companies and schools what they are truly spending on consumables such as ink, paper, toners, equipment, labor and comparing it to what they could potentially save through the use of “the right tools for the job” makes Toshiba Tech a lean addition to any business, looking at areas of cost saving, optimization and efficiency.

Toshiba Tech Background – General Company Description and What We Do

Office automation in the broader spectrum of things is the tools and equipment required to integrate the flow of information within an office, this always implies the provision of: Computers, networks, email, printing, faxing and copying.

Toshiba Tech is an office automation and services company set up to provide equipment and
Consumables to businesses within South Africa. This includes the provision of high-level service as well as expertise to these businesses, irrespective if they are corporate, medium sized or a “one-man show”.
The company provides in short; the selling of equipment and the maintenance of that equipment. Additionally the value added service to clients through the provision of consumables as well as hardware.

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The services offered by the company include:

Our service is underpinned by a “no down time” policy for our clients. Should a problem arise with a client’s? Machine which cannot be fixed onsite, a loan machine or intermediate solution is provided, to ensure the customer’s operations are continued.