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Best-Priced Paper Shredders for Sale in South Africa

Whether you are looking for a new paper shredder for the office and you are looking for one made by the best paper shredder manufacturer, or if you are just shopping around for the best paper shredder prices, at Toshiba Tech, South Africa’s foremost supplier of the world’s most sought after office appliances, we have one of the country’s biggest ranges of paper shredders for sale.

Paper shredders are outdated to some but an absolute must for a busy office space that still works with paper. These little devices are designed to help you to get rid of your unused and unwanted documents with just a few easy steps and when you choose the right type of paper shredder, you can be sure that you will have the shredder for a really long time, without having to worry about the shredder breaking or needing replacing.

Some may think they’re obsolete, yet paper shredders are a need in any busy company that uses paper. With a few simple steps, you can dispose of your old, useless documents using one of these nifty devices. And if you pick a good paper shredder, you won’t have to worry about it breaking down or having to be replaced.

You will find one of the largest selections of paper shredders in South Africa at Toshiba Tech, the country’s leading supplier of the most sought-after office appliances. Whether you’re shopping around for the best price or are looking for an updated model from a top manufacturer, we have what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re in the market for a new office shredder or are shopping for one for the first time, Toshiba Tech has a wide selection of high-quality models from brands like Fellows & Beswick, Kobra, Ideal, New United, JBF, and Rexel Auto+.

Toshiba Tech is well-known in South Africa for selling high-quality office equipment, including printers, scanners, and paper shredders. We have put in a lot of effort to find the greatest paper shredders on the market and put them in our inventory so that our customers can shop with confidence.

There are certain items that are just too valuable to be discarded willy-nilly. Dispose of all financial records in an appropriate manner, including statements, credit cards, bills, and any papers that can be deemed sensitive, such as company records or documents that include customer information. Invest in a paper shredder and use it to rip all of the documents into tiny bits, rendering them unreadable.

When you are looking for a new shredder for your office or if this is the very first time that you are making this sort of purchase, you will find a range of excellent options at Toshiba Tech, including the world-renowned Kobra paper shredders.

At Toshiba Tech, we’ve made a name for ourselves selling printers, scanners and other office must-haves, and within our product range we also have some of South Africa’s best paper shredders. Our range of paper shredders for sale is made up of devices we have spent a lot of time and energy looking for, all to ensure that our clients get access to the best selection and the best prices.

There are some things that you just can’t throw away. Banking statements, credit cards, various bills, and any documentation considered confidential, such as business documents and any documentation that includes customer information on it, should all be properly disposed of. And since you can’t just light them on fire, the next best thing to do is to buy a paper shredder to cut all the papers up into the finest pieces, thus completely removing the chance of the information on the paper being read.

Paper shredders of the past were loud and bulky, making them a not-so-great office addition, if only because they were so distracting. Modern shredders are something else. These days, paper shredders are designed to take up less space in the office, and they are also made to operate quietly, no matter how many papers they are designed to shred. Document shredders are also designed to meet various office requirements, for instance, some are designed to be bigger and as such they are able to shred a lot more than a single paper. With the bigger shredders, you can feed multiple papers at a time, and the machine will easily handle the amount without jamming and without the quality of the cut being anything less than what you have come to expect. These days, shredders are very different. No matter how many documents they’re meant to shred, modern paper shredders are designed to be silent and compact, taking up less room in the office. Different document shredders are available to suit different office needs; for example, some are larger and can shred more than one sheet of paper at a time, and some even shred plastic.

What to think about when buying a paper shredder

If this is the very first time that you have thought about buying a shredding machine, there are a couple of things that you will need to consider in order to determine that you have bought the right machine for your needs.

The type of shredder

There are almost 20 different types of paper shredders, ranging from those smaller shredders that are perfect for smaller businesses where paper is not their primary form of documentation, and then there are bigger shredders, some of which are more suitable for industrial-scale use.

To figure out which machine is going to be the best one for your specific needs, you will need to determine the amount of paper you will need to shred in a day and also how often you will be using the machine. For higher volumes and for more frequent use, you might want to opt for a paper shredder that is bigger or at least able to meet your needs without the shredder overheating or needing a long break between shreds.

When considering the paper shredder that you need, you should also factor in your budget. With a bigger paper shredder or one that is designed to shred at higher volumes, as well as those which have been made by a superior brand, you can expect to pay more for the machine. Smaller shredders are a lot more cost-friendly, which means when it comes to checking out paper shredder prices, it is sometimes best to go smaller if you don’t have a lot to spend.

The run time

All paper shredders are designed to run continuously for a certain amount of time before they need a cool-off period. The smaller the shredder, the shorter the run time, as many small shredders can only run for between a minute to 5 minutes. A shredder for a medium-sized company can run continuously for 5 to 15 minutes and a large shredder, the type used in a bigger business setup is capable of running for up to 30 minutes.

The run time will work along with the next consideration, which is sheet capacity.

The sheet capacity

Smaller businesses as well as those used in the home will usually only be able to handle one sheet at a time, which is fine because in such situations, you probably won’t be shredding at a higher capacity than that. If you are looking for a machine that can shred at a higher capacity, you will need to opt for a bigger device, and when you do that, you will still need to keep the run time in mind, to ensure that you enjoy full use of your new favourite office device.

Security Levels: Know What You Need

Paper shredders offer varying levels of security, as defined by the DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) standard, which assesses shred size and determines a security level.

The ultimate goal of all paper shredders should be to ensure that when a document is shredded, the sensitive information written or printed on it is completely destroyed so that no information can be taken from it.

With this in mind, document shredders are often defined by the level of security they offer. The security levels start at 1 and go up to 7. While these levels might not be printed on the box, they are defined by the maximum particle size which is the size of each piece of paper you will have after the paper is shredded.

  • DIN 66399 Level 1 (P-1) shreds paper into strips wider than 12 mm (0.47 in). Offers basic security that is appropriate for non-sensitive materials.
  • DIN 66399 Level 2 (P-2): Cuts paper into strips of 6 mm to 12 mm (0.24 in – 0.47 in) broad. You get medium security that is ideal for internal documents.
  • DIN 66399 Level 3 (P-3): Reduces paper to particles smaller than 6 mm × 2 mm (0.24 in x 0.08 in). You will have A high level of security that is appropriate for sensitive information such as financial papers.
  • DIN 66399 Level 4 (P-4): Cuts paper into tiny particles measuring less than 2 mm × 1 mm (0.08 in x 0.04 in). Offers very strong security, perfect for sensitive documents.
  • DIN 66399 Level 5 (P-5): Reduces paper to extremely fine particles less than 1 mm × 0.5 mm (0.04 in x 0.02 in). This is a top-secret security level that is appropriate for highly classified material.
  • DIN 66399 Level 6 (P-6): Reduces paper to minute particles less than 0.5 mm x 0.2 mm (0.02 in x 0.008 in). An absolute ultra-high security for critically sensitive data.

When selecting a paper shredder, examine the DIN level required for your papers and ensure that the shred size fulfils the relevant security standards.

Type of Paper Shredders for Sale

There are nearly 20 different types of paper shredders, ranging from low-end shredders ideal for small enterprises where electronic paperwork takes precedence over paper, to larger shredders, some of which are more suitable for industrial-scale use.

To choose which machine is ideal for your personal needs, you must first assess how much paper you will need to shred each day and how frequently you will use the machine. For higher volumes and more frequent use, consider a larger paper shredder that will satisfy your needs without overheating or requiring a long rest between shreds.

Think about your budget. A larger paper shredder, or one designed to shred at higher volumes, as well as those manufactured by a well-known brand, will cost more. Smaller shredders are far less expensive, making them ideal for lower-budget purchases.

Although there are many different types of shredders, there are just 3 types that you will want to consider for your office, and they are the strip shredder, a cross-cut shredder, and a micro shredder.

The strip shredder is your most common type and they are designed to cut neat, vertical strips of paper. Usually, you will get up to 30 or more strips of paper after you have shredded a single sheet. These shredders are perfect for the average office, although if you want to have more security, you will want to go with a different option.

The next popular option is the cross-cut shredder, which can cut both vertically and horizontally, which provides that extra security. The paper shredder prices for these shredders might be a little more expensive because it cuts both ways.

Finally, there is the micro-cut shredder, which is designed to cut a lot finer than the other options, thus really giving you extra security, which might be something that you are looking for in your office space.

The volume and the paper capacity of the type of shredder you choose is also something to factor in when you are looking at the different types of shredders.

The range of paper shredders for sale from Toshiba Tech

At Toshiba Tech, South Africa’s preferred office machine provider, we have a fantastic range of document shredders for sale at the best prices. You can shop your preferred shredder online or you can give us a call and allow one of our helpful and knowledgeable consultants to assist you in finding the perfect shredder for your needs. Alternatively, you can pop into our shop to see what shredders we have available and to find out more about how the shredder can change and greatly improve the way that you do business. Contact us today for more helpful information.

What to consider when buying a paper shredder

There are a few things to think about to make sure that you have purchased the right product for your needs.

Run Time

All paper shredders are designed to operate continuously for a set amount of time before requiring a cool-down period. The smaller the shredder, the shorter the run time, as many small shredders can only operate for one to five minutes. A medium-sized shredder can run continuously for 5 to 15 minutes, while a large shredder, such as those used in larger businesses, can run for up to 30 minutes.

Sheet Capacity

Smaller businesses and those used in households will typically only be able to handle one sheet at a time, which is OK because you will most likely not be shredding at a greater capacity. If you want a machine that can shred at a higher capacity, you’ll need to go with a larger device, but you’ll still need to consider the run time to make sure you get the most out of your new favourite office gadget.

Best Paper Shredder Prices in South Africa

Toshiba Tech provides a wide range of paper shredders from well-known brands such as Fellows & Beswick, Kobra, Ideal, New United, JBF, and Rexel Auto+, catering to a variety of applications and security requirements. Whether you’re replacing your office equipment or purchasing your first shredder, our broad range guarantees you’ll discover the right match at the best price.

Our paper shredders, with their superior quality and advanced features, ensure secure document destruction, peace of mind, and compliance with data protection standards. Trust Toshiba Tech to provide dependable and effective paper shredding solutions for your home or office, supported by outstanding customer service and incomparable pricing. Browse our collection today to find the best shredder on the market to protect your critical information.