e-Studio 306LP

E-Studio306LP – Eco Toshiba


Print your copies and reuse them more than 7 times saving more that 80% of your paper costs

The new eco Toshiba is the premier photocopy,scan and fax machine on the market right now.Do your bit for the nature – Lets go green. The world nr 1 re-using photocopier.

Eco Toshiba

To remove toner color from printed documents, the e-STUDIO 306LP MFP combines with the e-STUDIO RD30. Color is removed from special toner/instantly erasable toner, through the process of passing the paper through the RD30 at high temperature.

By using the same paper five times, a reduction of 57 % in the system’s total CO2 emissions is achieved.

The ability to sort paper into reusable and un-reusable sheets at the same time as removing the toner color, and to digitize the documents prior to erasing, are the key features of the RD30. With this system the practice of filing away documents after a meeting, or scrapping them, is no longer necessary, because there is no filing or destroying of paper documents involved. Contents of documents can be converted into data and saved for future use.

Differentiation in eco-printing

Toshiba follows a strategy of “Differentiation in Eco-printing”. By reducing the MFP’s size and weight and with smart energy efficiency improvements, Toshiba has always provided multifunction printers with enhanced environmental technology based on the aforesaid strategy.

“Saving paper” is a key cost-saving issue with a positive “green” effect in every business today. By encouraging users to re-use paper through the new system, the STUDIO 306LP/RD30 re-usable paper solution opens a window to a new work style in the office.

With the TEC new E-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 as your reliable office partner, enterprises can adopt business strategies that contribute to sustainable development.

How customers benefit from Environmental Technologies

You can refill the paper tray five time with the same paper with the e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30’s intelligent Green MFP Technology, that consist of a built-in erasing system. Businesses benefit from this advanced technology by :

A reduction in paper cost to one-fifth of the current cost structure.

Improvement of the company’s standing with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns through the lower ecological footprint of the e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 MFP ensuring a sustainable future for us all.

Bio-based plastics, were incorporated into the innovative re-usable paper MFP by Toshiba’s award-winning design team. Manufactured from raw materials extracted from plants, Bio-based plastics produce approximately 20 % less CO2 during its production when compared with petroleum-based plastics, making it environmentally friendly.

2.1) Since 1 November 2012, the e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30’s is the first product worldwide in the category of mass-produced multifunctional printers to use electrographic (TOSHIBA TEC data)

2.2) Development of the erasable toner was a joint venture with Pilot Corporation. The erasing speed is 15 A4-size sheets per minute using the erasing-scanning-sorting function, or 30 A4-size sheets per minute using only the erasing function.

2.3) How many time sheets can be Re-used depends on the usage environment.

2.4) The calculation method of the Eco-friendly MFP (Multifunction printer) used to determine the amount of reduction in CO2 (Life Cycle Assessment: LCA) has been verified by BSI Group Japan. The method whereby the environmental impact of a product or service is assessed from the time of production until disposal, is called Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The equipment of businesses with the necessary solutions to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence, is done by the global organisation, BSI (British Standards Institution). The BSI who was established in 1901,was the world’s first National Standards Body. It was also a founding member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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