Printers and Copiers for Marketing Departments


Brochures, manuals, and other high-resolution materials can be quickly and easily produced with the help of modern, high-speed computer printers. Brochures, signage, and other collateral items are typically created by production print shops using top-performing technology and professional personnel for a wide variety of clients.

Although it may seem like a good idea in principle, bringing production printing in-house is more complicated than just buying a new printer and delegating some of your current employees to do it. Think about your company’s needs and the benefits and drawbacks of both alternatives before making the transfer. Then, choose the one that works best for you.

We look at some of the recently updated printers and copiers that will enhance your marketing department’s in-house production.

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High-Impact Printing and Collateral Production

Toshiba Printers and Copiers for the Marketing Department


Depending on ongoing projects, future objectives, and internal limitations, printing priorities could change across different departments.  Some divisions may place a premium on efficiency, as they may be required to produce a great deal of printed materials quickly to back up a number of marketing campaigns and meet unforeseen demands. On the other hand, some people place a premium on uniformity and insist that all orders and channels follow rigidly defined standards. For some, finding reasonably priced, high-quality collateral for various teams is of the utmost importance. It may be crucial to have control over the whole printing process, from design to production, including customisation. There isn’t going to be a silver bullet that will solve all of these problems, so you’ll have to set priorities and think about whether to outsource for efficiency and save money or keep everything in-house for more control and consistent branding.

In this article we will look at some of the recently updated Toshiba printer / copier options that will enhance your marketing department’s in-house production.

The most recent revision of three different lines of e-STUDIO multifunction printers includes improvements in connection, energy efficiency, and user ease. The systems are both dependable and safe thanks to anti-malware technology, remote technical assistance, and access and login limitations; at the same time, the new features do not compromise security.

Documents up to A3 size can be produced by all three series. While the e-STUDIO6528A series prints in black and white, the e-STUDIO6525AC and e-STUDIO2520AC series print in vivid colours.

Both the colour and monochrome e-STUDIO6525AC and e-STUDIO6528A systems are lightning quick, with a maximum page per minute (PPM) of 65.

The e-STUDIO6525AC and e-STUDIO6528A can accommodate up to 2,000 extra sheets with the optional external high-capacity feeders.

The e-STUDIO2520AC series can handle up to 25 PPM, making it perfect for clients who require high-quality colour printing but don’t necessarily need the maximum volume in a specific amount of time.

In the event that numerous pages are inadvertently fed at once, both series are equipped with a dual-scan capability and double-feed detection. Time is saved and all originals are scanned with this capability.

e-STUDIO 3025/3525/4525/5525/6525AC Copiers for Sale

The e-STUDIO6525AC for Marketing Material In-House


The cutting-edge capabilities of the Toshiba e-STUDIO6525AC multifunction printer make it a top pick for modern enterprises looking to create their own marketing materials and collateral. The 65 pages per minute (ppm) printing speed of this printer guarantees effective and quick creation of marketing materials, helping marketing teams meet tight deadlines and stay ahead of the competition.

One area where the e-STUDIO6525AC really shines is in its ability to produce marketing brochures with flawless colour reproduction. This printer consistently produces brilliant colours, making it ideal for companies who want their marketing materials to stand out, whether they’re printing little brochures or huge banners.

The e-STUDIO6525AC has flexible paper handling capabilities, meaning it can handle a variety of paper weights and sizes. Businesses can design a wide range of marketing materials in-house, from A4 papers to A3 prints and banners up to 305 x 1200 mm.

The e-Bridge Plus for Green information app is a major selling point of the e-STUDIO6525AC since it allows companies to monitor their progress towards environmental sustainability. This function helps save money and boosts the brand’s image by giving information about energy use and encouraging sustainable printing methods, which is in line with CSR efforts.

One further way this printer boosts efficiency is by letting customers start printing right away thanks to its 20-second warm-up time from low-power mode. Its Universal Print Driver further streamlines printing processes by making them compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems.

The e-STUDIO6525AC includes a 128 GB secure SSD and a Toshiba e-BRIDGE Next controller type, two of the most stringent security measures in the industry, to guarantee the safety of important marketing materials in transit.

The Toshiba e-STUDIO6525AC multifunction printer provides a perfect blend of speed, dependability, colour consistency, and environmental conscience. It allows businesses to handle the production of their marketing collateral and materials in-house, which promotes efficiency, creativity, and sustainability.

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