How to Replace the Staple Cartridge on a Toshiba MFP

How to Replace the Staple Cartridge on a Toshiba MFP


If your staples in your Toshiba run out or your screen displays a check staple cartridge warning you can follow these easy steps to refill it.


Steps to replace the staple cartridge on a Toshiba MFP

The finisher is the cabinet on the left of the copier if you are facing the front.


  • Open the front door of your copier using the handle cut out.
  • The corner and edge stapler carrier can be removed using the green handle.
  • Note that the stapler carrier can only be removed when it is empty. To do so, gently squeeze the upwards pointed arrows and remove the carrier.
  • The new stapler carrier can now be inserted. Remember to remove the white tape after you have reloaded the staples into the cartridge.
  • Reinsert the stapler carrier into the stapler unit on the finisher the same way it came out. Push the cartridge in until it snaps into position.


If your finisher is equipped with a saddle stitch module, it also has its own staples that must be replaced separately.


  • Pull the saddle stitch module all the way out using the green handles.
  • On each carrier, squeeze the push buttons on the side. The cartridge should spring open.
  • Load your new staples into the back of the carrier and press down on the cap to secure it.
  • Reseat the cartridge into the saddle stitch module and press them into position.

You’ll need to close the saddle stitch module first before you close the front door of the machine.

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