The Best Shredders you can buy in 2021

What is an office without that perfect waste disposal unit? A shredder is so much more than a machine to cut up paper, making it easier to recycle. It is also a rather nifty office machine that plays a really important role in making sure that all confidential documents that are no longer being used, stay confidential. Identity and data theft are big concerns, and when you use a shredder you will never again have to worry about your important information landing in the wrong hands.

Although it is 2021, and many companies have become, for the most part, digital there are still many times when using paper is the only way. There will always be those situations when having a physical copy of the information is a necessity, and in those cases, you need to have the right office machinery for dealing with said papers once they are to be disposed of. You may get the latest updates sent straight to your phone with the EskomSePush app. Keep up with Eskom, City Power in Johannesburg, and the City of Cape Town by following their respective social media accounts. To find out more about the best printers for sale in South Africa, or our affordable copier rentals, get in touch with a consultant today. We also offer SME financing options too.

Shredders are basic but powerful office appliances, and since they are available in a range of sizes, you will be able to find the best shredders you can buy in 2021 to suit your exact needs, without putting a damper on your budget.

The Best Shredders in 2021


The best shredders to use in 2021 are not just those which have the power to handle all of your work requirements, but they are also going to be more compact than the usual kind. Those working from home could also need to have a shredder in their home office, so for the first time, this particular demographic is most certainly going to be seriously considered.

For the most part, shredders are neither technical nor are they complicated to work. Most offices need little more than a basic shredder, capable of simply doing the basic task that needs to be done. Shredders also require very little attention when it comes to maintenance.

Kobra 430 TS Shredder for Sale

Which are the best paper shredders to buy? Which paper shredder is best?


Shredders are available from a range of different brands, some of which are quite apt at making more than just shredders. Kobra is currently one of the better brands out there and they are known for their basic shredders. Kobra shredders are also very much more affordable than most other brands and they are available in South Africa.

Besides the Kobra shredder, these are a few of our other favourites for 2021.


  • Bonsai Evershred

An all-purpose shredder, which is not only affordable but also easy to install, easy to use, and wonderful for use in the home, the Bonsai Evershred is a great option, and it is portable. This shredder is more than capable of shredding 3500 A4 sheets in a single charge. Along with easily tearing through paper, this little machine is also capable of shredding CDs, staples, and credit cards.


  • Rexel 2101942UK

Rexel is a relatively well-known paper shredder manufacturer and this particular shredder is small yet more than capable of doing the job. This shredder is just what you need in order to keep the information on the shredded documents safe from prying eyes. The Rexel is great for paper sizes up to A4 and it can clear its own paper jams. It runs on bursts of speed for 2 seconds before needing a cooldown. This makes it more than suitable for home and small office use.


  • ProAction 5 Sheet 10 Litre Strip-Cut Shredder  

This shredder is the best option if you are looking for something to be used in the home. It is incredibly affordable and comes with all of the standard features that make a shredder a machine worth having. As a lightweight machine, it can shred around 5 A4 sheets at a time and it comes fitted with a safety function, which kicks into action when there is a paper jam.


  • Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper Shredder

For those in need of a machine that works a little faster and is able to do a little more than a standard shredder, and which is more suitable for home use, the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is without a doubt a great option to go with. This shredder has a 23-liter capacity and up to 14 sheets can be shredded at a time. This size of shredder is far more cost-effective when compared to shredders of a similar size and capability.


  • Bonsai DocShred C156-C

All shredders are designed to destroy documents so that no information can be taken from them, but some shredders are better at doing this than others. This Bonsai shredder is a pretty fantastic option if what you are looking for is a shredder that is capable of completely shredding a document as well as staples, clips, ATM receipts, credit cards, and more.

How much does a paper shredder cost?


Paper shredder prices range from affordable, which is often reserved for the more basic types of shredders, including those that you will use in your home office, to the higher-end, more expensive types. For exact shredder prices, it is best to contact a company offering such a product and ask them for a price list.  


Are paper shredders worth it?


Depending on what your needs are, paper shredders are absolutely worth having. If you are the sort that works with paper documents on a daily basis, or if you have a lot to get rid of, a shredder might just become the most important piece of office equipment you will have. Given the fact that shredders have a relatively long lifespan and that they are really affordable, having one in your office is worth it.


How long should a shredder last?


Paper shredders have a fairly long lifespan when they are kept in a good condition and not overused. In general, a good quality paper shredder should at the very least, last through its warranty period.


How do I choose a shredder?


When selecting your paper shredder, you will firstly need to consider what your needs will be. If you have higher workloads you can consider getting a paper shredder that can handle high volumes of shredding. You should also think about your budget. If you have a smaller budget then you can go for a more basic shredder, while if you have a budget that is a bit more accommodating, you can go for a shredder that is a little more advanced.


Which is better micro-cut or cross-cut shredder?


Again, it comes down to preference. A micro-cut shredder will offer more security as the cut will be finer while a cross shredder will have bigger shreds. So if you are looking to improve security, a micro-cut will be the better choice.