Toshiba A3 Printers

We have introduced the widest selection of high-performance color and monochrome Toshiba A3 multifunction printers (MFPs) we have ever offered.

The new MFPs are incredibly adaptable and can be customized to meet the specific print, scanning, and document management demands of organizations. They offer the best solutions for any organization, from small start-ups to global businesses and other contexts where dependable, cost-efficient document management is a vital necessity. They are effective, secure, and environmentally friendly.

The latest MFPs from Toshiba were created with the goal of enhancing corporate productivity while being adaptable and simple to use. An intuitive approach to accessing all functionalities and rapid confirmation of document workflow is provided through a 10.1″ tablet-style user interface.

The main goal in creating these machines was to increase efficiency. Departments may easily customize settings and provide quick access to pre-defined workflows with a fully customizable user interface, significantly cutting the time needed to execute routine operations (for example scanning and filing invoices). By scanning both sides of the paper simultaneously, the Dual-Sided Document Feeder (DSDF) increases productivity and achieves an astounding speed of up to 240 photos per minute!

The need for corporate infrastructure is shifting in response to the increasing prevalence of flexible and remote working in the workplace. These machines were created with the purpose of assisting businesses. All models in the lineup support mobile printing via AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, and Google Cloud Print as standard features. The MFPs connect seamlessly to Microsoft Office 365, enabling print and administration operations directly from the cloud. The Scan-to-Cloud and Cloud Print apps make it simple to store and print documents remotely. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox are additional alternatives for remote access.

remote work

Security is given top attention in both the design of the goods and the user interfaces, as it is with all Toshiba products. The new MFPs have essential capabilities, such as optional card, PIN, and biometric authentication, as well as PIN access facilities, to enable GDPR compliance activities. These capabilities allow users to release jobs for printing while they are standing at the device, reducing the chance that someone else will pick up their documents, and administrators to track the volume and types of jobs printed by each user. To maximize the protection of sensitive information, Toshiba offers additional solutions like private print, secure PDF, hardcopy security, and pull-print.

Additionally, the complete line of A3 MFPs comes equipped with Toshiba’s Secure Hard Disk Drive (HDD), which offers powerful security for all critical data on the HDD. The encryption key is kept on the hard disk itself, and 256-bit AES encryption occurs in almost real time. Furthermore, the Toshiba Secure HDD won’t provide access to the data until the system has verified its own authenticity. The encryption key is automatically erased if authentication fails or the Secure HDD is inserted into another device, ensuring that data is secure even if the Secure HDD is taken out of the machine and out of the building.

environment friendly

Toshiba’s key values include sustainability and the development of environmentally friendly products. Energy-saving features like an auto duplex facility and a low-power Super Sleep mode guarantee a cheaper total cost of ownership and reduce environmental impact. Additionally, every machine complies with important environmental initiatives like ENERGY STAR®.

The environmental effect of Toshiba goods is reduced by the use of low-carbon production techniques, and 99.8% of all Toshiba machines are recyclable. Additionally, any emissions created during the production process are balanced to become “Carbon Zero,” allowing for profitable business operations with no adverse environmental effects.

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