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Toshiba Tech Financial Advantage

Monthly Copier Rentals

Copier Rentals vs Outright Purchases

These are your options when in need of a printer from Toshiba Tech:

  1. Month to Month Rentals – New Equipment – Easy approval!!
  2. Month to Month Rentals – Demo & Certified Refurbished Equipment
  3. Cash outright purchase
  4. Rental Contracts – 60/36/24 Months – On financial credit approval only.

Choose what is best for you :


Option 1 & 2 Month to Month Rentals

No long-term contracts NO RED TAPE

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No Red Tape


Toshiba Tech has the right risk free solutions for your company to enjoy month to month rentals (New and second-hand Demo equipment) Easy process to qualify in 24 hours

At Toshiba Tech we never ask you to sign a long-term contract. Instead, we work to earn your ongoing trust and business every day by offering you monthly rental which includes technical support and repairs, allowing you to easily handle high volumes of prints while reducing the cost per page.

We believe it is just good business to make purchasing or signing a lease agreement with Toshiba Tech as risk-free as possible, with no long-term financial commitments or additional costs. We believe that it’s a relationship that is built on continuously offering solutions that meet your needs and going past every finish line to fill your printing requirements ……. Not locking you into contracts

Toshiba Tech Certified Re-Rentals – New – demo and refurbished options available
Easy process to qualify within 24 hours

Rent Directly from Toshiba – the process is simplified by working with one source for your printer leasing needs. When it is time to replace your equipment the choice is clear-Toshiba Tech. This also means you will enjoy support designed to keep drivers and software up to date. You don’t need to struggle with  the manual, just give us a call!

Extensive Financial Solutions – from a standard lease to our month to month options, we offer a wide array of financial solutions for your office automation.

Promotional Offerings – innovative financial promotions lower cost of ownership.
(Contact your sales consultant for the latest offerings.)

Discloses Fees – a low, one-time documentation/installation fee is included in your first invoice,
and there are never hidden or undisclosed fees with our month to month lease agreements. 

There is no risk – If at any time you are unsatisfied with our performance or copier you can cancel your service without penalty. The month to month rental means you can also upgrade or change your solution as your needs change without the worry of being locked into a 3-5 year contract that you cannot get out of without early termination fees and settlements.

Everything is included in our solution in one bill-copier rental-all service-supplies-parts etc. We give you our guarantee that you don’t have to worry that down the line you will be hit with a bill for none covered service parts that were not included in your contract.

Being a flexible rental solution we allow you to change your monthly copy volume as your business needs change without the worry of a penalty. You will not get stuck when your estimation of print volume was too high or too low.

3. Cash outright purchase

How do you know if you buy a copier cash you will have the support you need?
Toshiba Tech Quality Commitment Guarantee

It’s the One Guarantee You’ll Probably Never Use.
The Toshiba Quality Commitment is the guarantee you will probably never have to use. We demand unparalleled performance from our products. So, it follows that we offer you the same in our guarantee. Read it and see for yourself. There’s no small print…no disclaimers. Just our commitment to deliver the quality you’ve come to expect from one of the industry’s most highly acclaimed leaders in copiers and facsimiles. As suppliers of Toshiba copiers quality is a guarantee. When you buy one of our copiers for sale, not only will you receive the best we have to offer, but to back that up we offer a warranty. Our list of printers for sale includes green copiers and various other models designed to reduce cost per page printing. We are also suppliers of multi-functional printers, which can act as scanners and fax machines. 

4. Rental Contracts 60/36/24 Months

This is as we all know the industry standard option
How do you know if you choose to hire a copier via our rental contract that you will have the technical support you need?
Although it’s a fixed contract you will still have the best service and support with Toshiba Tech.

Toshiba Reliability, Known the World Over

    You have the confidence of a guarantee backed by the powerful resources of Toshiba Corporation. Fortune’s Global 500 issue consistently ranks Toshiba among the top 100 largest companies in the world.
    Toshiba has received over 100 awards from Buyers Laboratory Inc., BERTL, Office Products Analyst and Better Buys For Business, confirming our commitment to quality.
    Quality—it’s always our top priority. Toshiba strives to receive the highest level of certification possible.
    Named the most favoured manufacturer ten times since 1989 by the Business Technology Association (BTA). And named copier manufacturer of the year eight times by Marketing Research Consultants, Inc.
    Toshiba uses Six Sigma methodology to ensure the highest product quality, increased customer satisfaction and faster reaction to changing markets.
    Toshiba’s annual R&D expenditures are in excess of $3.3 billion dollars.

Searching online for a Toshiba copier “near me”? The reviews all point to ours being the best printers on today’s market. Why trust any other company with your office automation? Don’t risk being left behind in the business world, contact us to buy your printers and start saving on costs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does it make financial sense to lease or rent a copier or printer?

Yes, especially if you are a small business on a tight budget.

What is the best copier for a small business to rent?

We can assist you with the perfect copier to rent for your small business. 

How does copier rental work?

View Toshibatech copier rental options and process.

What is the useful life of a copier?

The general accepted average lifespan is 5 years.

How do I choose a copier rental service provider?

Look for one with a good track record and more than 5 years industry experience.