advantages of working with a shredder business

The advantages of working with a shredder business


Data protection has risen to the top of the agenda in recent years. Legislative reforms have made it more important than ever for businesses to create secure data handling systems. Physical papers and files carry the danger of a data breach if they are not properly processed and disposed of. To avoid this issue, many businesses make sure that records are destroyed after they are no longer required. In the event that problems arise with the documents before they are destroyed, a security wheelie bin container, also known as a shredding console, might be the most helpful. In this blog, we look at the pros of hiring a shredding company. You may get the latest updates sent straight to your phone with the EskomSePush app. Keep up with Eskom, City Power in Johannesburg, and the City of Cape Town by following their respective social media accounts. To find out more about the best printers for sale in South Africa, or our affordable copier rentals, get in touch with a consultant today. We also offer SME financing options too.

Addressing the organization’s internal data security challenges


Even though many firms now aim to be paperless, many processes still require paper documentation. No matter how little private information is contained in files and papers, there is always a risk when there are a lot of them around, thus it is important to dispose of them properly.

One benefit of working with a reputable paper shredding company is the simplicity and dependability of a regular service where documents are destroyed on-site.


What happens to documents before they are destroyed?


Businesses are relying more and more on safe, lockable shredding consoles to guarantee that documents cannot be accessed before being destroyed.


Improved Security


Documents cannot be retrieved, misplaced, or stolen while they are inside shredding consoles because they are lockable. Documents will stay in the console until they are collected for destruction by your shredding partner. The danger of a data breach for the firmis greatly reduced as a result. Open containers or bags are simple to access, making it possible to steal or use the data inside secretly. The benefit of a shredder console is that it can stop this.


Legal Compliance assuring


Criteria for data protection and disposal have been greatly tightened by regulations like the POPIA. By using shredding consoles, a secure chain of custody can be established, demonstrating that requirements have been met and your business is as compliant as it can be. Even a Certificate of Destruction is available to show that you complied with the rules. It is both time and money efficient.

The destruction of documents is made more orderly by shredding consoles. Everyone is aware of the proper locations for collecting and leaving off documents. There is no immediate need to shred on-site because secure storage is made possible by shredding consoles, freeing up staff to offer value elsewhere, and making the cost of purchasing shredding equipment for your company less. Instead, you can fill the shredding consoles as needed and then retrieve them in accordance with the timetable you’ve set with your shredding partner. Console shredding and a more secure method of physically destroying data can help any organization.