How to Choose a Paper Shredder (Online Beginner’s Guide)


When shopping for a new paper shredder, many things need to be taken into account. In this blog, we’ll provide you with the best guide to choosing paper shredders based on various features.

best guide to choosing paper shredders

A low-security shredder


The strip-cut method cuts a regular-sized piece of paper into 40 to 50 strips. This type of paper shredder often produces the thickest strips of paper.

  • The oldest and least secure type of shredders are strip-cut models. Even so, it’s still a vast improvement from ripping something to bits and throwing it away.
  • On occasion, strip-cut shredders are less expensive than other types of shredders.

Before deciding whether a strip-cut paper shredder would work, take into account the type of paper you need to shred. How private or confidential is the data? Strip-cut shredders are a good solution for people who don’t discard high-level security documents.

Moderately secure shredder


A cross-cut paper shredder is also known as a confetti-cut shredder. This kind of paper shredder is the most popular. It offers a greater level of security than the strip-cut variety. A single sheet of paper is chopped into more than 200 little squares.

  • Confetti-cut shredders make it more difficult to extract personal data from documents. This is advantageous for sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and bank account information.
  • Because the shredded paper particles are so small, changing the bags of shredded paper less regularly won’t jeopardise security.
  • Paper up to letter size can be shredded into over 400 pieces using a more potent and secure cross-cut shredder.


a Shredder with high-security standards


A micro-cut paper shredder offers one of the greatest levels of security. This type of shredder is suitable for shredding extremely private and highly confidential documents. Each sheet of paper yields more than 2,000 little pieces.

  • After a document has gone through a micro-cut shredder, its information cannot be retrieved. This is one of the key factors contributing to large corporations’ and governments’ preference for micro-cut shredders.
  • Use of these shredders is advised for those who face the danger of having their confidential or sensitive information stolen.
  • A sheet of paper will be divided into more than 6,200 pieces. The super micro-cut shredders are at the extreme end of the micro-cut spectrum. They can shred a standard sheet of paper into more than 13,000 tiny fragments.

Find a shredder in your selected pricing range for each security level. There are affordable solutions, whether you choose a strip-cut, cross-cut, or micro-cut shredder. Although smaller variants for domestic usage are available, micro-cut shredders are often more expensive. The priciest kind of shredders is often those with high-level micro-cut capabilities. The price range of the commercial type might be very high.


Advanced features to consider when Choosing a Paper Shredder

Choosing a shredder according to speed. The size of the bits a shredder creates is the most important factor to take into account, although shred speed can also be quite important. Shredding large amounts of paper may take a long time if the shredder has low speed. The speed of the machine you should purchase will depend on where you plan to use it—at home or in the office—and how much material you plan to shred.

  • It usually takes 2 to 8 minutes to shred 5 to 12 sheets of paper using a home shredder. If you occasionally shred a modest stack of documents, such as tax returns and letters, a home shredder should be adequate.
  • If you regularly shred paper, a faster shredder may be preferable. If you work from home, for instance, a home office shredder can be helpful. These shredders typically shred 10 to 18 sheets of paper in 7 to 30 minutes.
  • If you’re buying a shredder for a large office, a very high shredding speed is required. These have a 45-minute continuous shredding capacity. During this time, 13 to 38 pieces of paper can be destroyed.


The maximum number of pages that can be processed


Find out how many sheets a shredder can handle at once. It might be less expensive to use a five-sheet model. If you shred more pages than just the occasional one, you will need to feed a few sheets at a time. If the shredder doesn’t hold numerous pages, you might need to periodically unjam it. A wise choice is a shredder with a somewhat higher shred capacity than you’ll probably need. As a result, issues like paper jams and other issues could be reduced.


Anti-jamming technology


No matter how many documents you feed the shredder, there’s always a potential of a paper jam. Anti-jam features help to lessen this problem and reduce unnecessary frustration.

  • It may be especially important to buy a shredder with anti-jam technology if you shred a lot of paper. As you shred more paper, your shredder is more likely to jam.


Choose with the warranty in mind


A longer warranty is the best warranty. Although one year is the typical guarantee duration, you may be able to get a longer warranty. The warranty will often cover the mechanical part of the machine if your shredder unexpectedly malfunctions.

  • Wherever you can, try to prolong warranties and use your shredder until it expires. To keep track of how long the warranty will last, mark the date of its expiration on your calendar.
  • Ask in-store staff about warranties. Some warranties may be provided by the shredder’s manufacturer. However, major retail chains may also offer warranties if you buy your shredder from them.


Take note of the energy-saving features


You might be able to lower your long-term utility expenditures by using energy-saving features. If you don’t plan to use the shredder regularly, this might not matter. However, if you frequently shred documents, look into energy-saving technology. About 80% of a shredder’s electricity is used for paper shredding, so using your shredder frequently can quickly add up on your energy cost. Some shredders claim to be able to minimise energy consumption by as much as 70%. Some claim to be entirely energy efficient.

  • For the largest savings, look for a shredder that promises to maximise energy savings 100 percent of the time, whether it is in use or not.


Importance of safety


Some shredders have sensors that stop operation when hands or other things come too close to the machine. Safety elements are essential if you have children or animals.

  • An autonomous shutoff feature on a shredder is good.
  • Check the shredder’s package for information on safety features to prevent fingers from getting too close to the blades. If you’re making a purchase in person, you can talk with a worker about safety-related matters.


Low noise features


Some shredders have a feature that reduces noise by ten decibels. If you live in an apartment, having a shredder running nonstop might irritate other residents, and nobody needs anything of the type at work.

  • Look for paper shredders that advertise being quieter. You might also want to check user reviews; specifically, look for comments that mention a shredder’s noise level. If at all possible, research a shredder’s noise output before purchasing it.

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