Which Printer and Copier Brands Lasts the Longest

Which Printer and Copier Brands Lasts the Longest?


When shopping for consumer electronics, computers, and related accessories, customers often want to know how long their new product will last. People have quite high expectations and, in general, gravitate toward brands that they are either already familiar with or about which they have heard positive reviews.


In reality, a copier and printer’s lifespan is determined more by the number of pages printed than the number of years it will “survive.”

Manufacturers assign a rating to their products based on the Duty Cycle, which is measured in pages printed every month. Moreover, the duty cycle will vary considerably based on the printer’s specific model and intended function. Work group and bigger versions for businesses may easily manage upwards of 100,000 pages per month, whereas personal printers commonly used in home offices/desktops can handle up to several thousand pages each month.

The expected lifespan is also affected by the specific device being considered. An acceptable lifespan for a desktop ink jet or laser printer in a home office is somewhere around five years. You may get the latest updates sent straight to your phone with the EskomSePush app. Keep up with Eskom, City Power in Johannesburg, and the City of Cape Town by following their respective social media accounts. To find out more about the best printers for sale in South Africa, or our affordable copier rentals, get in touch with a consultant today. We also offer SME financing options too.

In the end, the lifespan of your equipment is dependent on a wide range of factors. Numerous elements come into play, and the majority are within your control, including the quality of the machine itself, the frequency with which you perform maintenance, and the strength of its security measures. Whether it’s a standalone multifunction copier, a laser printer/copier combination, or even just a scanner with a copying functionality, today’s photocopiers are truly remarkable pieces of engineering. In this article, we discuss which printer and copier brands lasts the longest?


Brand preference


We all have that one brand that we’ll always buy above others. Customers who like one brand over another have likely researched the market and tested items from competing companies before deciding which they prefer. Loyalty to a brand is directly proportional to one’s liking for that brand.

Brand awareness campaigns give your brand a personality, feedback, and a story. It links actions to brands. Brand equity is a brand’s value based on consumer experiences and perceptions. Bad experiences and perceptions equal negative brand equity and the same is true about the positive side.


Why you should consider the duty cycle


The duty cycle of a printer or photocopier is the maximum number of prints or copies it can make in each time period, typically expressed in a monthly total. Stress testing is performed on printers and photocopiers during production. The manufacturer can determine the safe working load for the equipment in their intended application by subjecting them to a battery of rigorous testing. Even though the tests also consider where the copier or printer is used, the important thing here is the duty cycle.

Duty cycle is a measure of how much work a machine can undertake reliably without compromising output quality or speed, and with common problems like paper jams eliminated.

You’re looking for a versatile printer/copier that can meet all of your needs with ease. For example, if your annual print/copy volume is 50,000 pages, but you buy a copier/printer with a duty cycle of just 30,000 pages, you will be disappointed.

While a maximum duty cycle value is helpful for comparing the durability of various devices and brands, the truth is that many other factors determine how long your printer or photocopier lasts.

There is a life expectancy estimate provided with every product. However, the industry standard for estimating a copier or printer’s lifespan is the number of clicks each month, where a click is defined as one page printed or copied. Larger and more powerful devices can typically handle more clicks than smaller ones.


Match your needs with the device


There is a more practical metric than the duty cycle that can help you assess whether or not a given printer is appropriate for your needs and the volume of printing you do at work. Start keeping tabs on how many pages your organisation produces on a comparable machine each month to get a sense of how much capacity your new printer will need. These figures can be obtained with the use of a data collection programme or a managed print service agent. You could also keep track of how many reams of paper you go through every month.

Inquire as to the recommended maximum monthly print volume for each device you are interested in. Recommended monthly print volume is the number of pages per month within the indicated range for optimal device performance depending on parameters like:

  • Materials such as paper and printer toner
  • Scheduled downtime for repairs
  • Engine lifespan of the device

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