The Top Workplace Paper Shredders for 2023


A new year is always a terrific opportunity to evaluate your company and set new objectives for the months ahead. Making sure the workplace has all the tools it needs is one of the crucial components of your organisation to tackle.

Your office will function like a well-oiled machine if you have sturdy, functional office equipment. Offices all over the world are incorporating paper shredders as a necessary tool. Companies must abide by a number of rules in South Africa, including the Protection of Personal Information Act, or POPIA.

Purchasing a paper shredder will make it simple for you to get rid of confidential documents that are no longer needed. This implies that you will be able to destroy the documents without jeopardising the privacy of the individuals.

Paper shredders are crucial for maintaining a clean and organised office environment. Stacks of papers have the potential to collect unwelcome dust and could make your office appear messy. These piles of paper can be quickly eliminated by utilising a paper shredder to destroy unneeded documents, leaving desks and storage areas looking clean and professional.

The Top Workplace Paper Shredders for 2022

It may be time to invest in a high-quality paper shredder that will meet the specific requirements of your organisation if you want to advance your company and its office in 2023.

As one of the top providers of paper shredders in South Africa, we give our customers the choice of buying or renting equipment. Additionally, we have the most competitive pricing on the market, so getting a paper shredder for the office won’t cost you the earth.

A remarkable variety of different paper shredder machines that are strong, dependable, and reasonably priced are available from Toshiba Tech. If you want assistance choosing the best paper shredder for your office, our team is always available.

To help you make 2023 the finest year for your company yet, we’ll look at some of the top paper shredders for office use in 2023 that are now available at Toshiba Tech.

Top Office Paper Shredders for 2023


Shredder AutoMaxTM 350C Cross-Cut

This paper shredder is very adaptable and can be used in a small workplace or at home. It is advised for settings where the system will frequently be used by up to 5 individuals. It can manage large amounts of paper trash and has a shredding capacity of 350 sheets automatically and 12 sheets manually at 70gsm.

Paper can be shredded using the AutoMax 350C Cross-Cut Shredder into pieces as small as 4x38mm. The shredder is equipped with a security feature called Smart LockTM that allows you to lock the shredder with a PIN and prohibit access to papers while shredding is taking place.

IDEAL 2360

It is advised to utilise the IDEAL 2360 paper shredder in larger offices. It has a wide range of functions to make using the device as effective and secure as feasible. This paper shredder has a Safety Protection System package that incorporates a transparent safety flap in the feed hole that is electronically controlled. In order to prevent those annoying paper jams, the machine also incorporates an automated reverse and power cut-off option. When the shred bag is full, the IDEAL 2360 automatically stops and has an energy-saving mode.

310 TS SS5 Kobra

Medium-sized offices that still need the most from a paper shredder should use the Kobra 310 TS SS5. It has a touch screen with which all controls and settings are enabled, making it simple to operate. The maximum sheet capacity for this paper shredder is 45, and the bin capacity is 135 liters. Additionally, it is categorised as a level 4 security paper shredder. Paper jams are easily prevented thanks to the shredder’s Electronic Power Control, which clearly displays the load capacity to the user when operating at maximum capacity.

Shredder Rexel Auto+ 90X Auto Feed Paper

Having one of these shredders will be beneficial for any home or small workplace. Although it is small and won’t take up much room, the Rexel Auto+ 90X Auto Feed Paper Shredder is just as effective as other larger paper shredders. Up to 90 sheets of 80gsm paper can be shredded by this machine at once. Because the shredder is classified as having a P-3 security level, you can safely shred sensitive papers.

Contact the knowledgeable staff at Toshiba Tech if you are still unclear about which paper shredder would be best to meet all of your office needs. To help you make the best possible purchase, we are always prepared to give you more details.

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