Why Your Company Still Needs A Copier

Why Your Company Still Needs A Copier


The perception might be that everyone is going paperless and that as such there is really no point in having a printer anymore. But that perception really couldn’t be further from the truth.

Because the truth is, being completely paperless is not necessarily as beneficial as you might have been led to believe. 

Why is a printer important for business?

While there is nothing wrong with making your company paperless, it is not always the best choice for everyone. And while you might have your documents stored away safely online, here is a tip, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from using a combination strategy that allows you to both store documents online and use a printer when necessary.

Buying or renting a copier, even if it is a refurbished one, can be one of the most useful tools that you incorporate into your business and this is why you should still consider adding a copier to your business setup.

We’ve taken a look at the reasons why your company still needs a copier


  • Technology is not flawless

Technology is without a doubt making our lives, and our day-to-day business, a whole lot easier than it otherwise could be. But there is one thing that no one can deny and that no one should overlook, and that is the fact that technology can be damaged and broken, and as such, data can so easily be lost forever.

You don’t need to keep a physical copy of every single document you create, but you can make a point of printing out and keeping a copy of your most important documents. You can also keep printed copies of your yearly documents, such as your audits, which will not only keep them safe from being lost but it will also keep them close at hand should you need to refer to them.

Having a hard copy of your vitally important data is a great idea as there is really not a more efficient way to keep your documents safe.


  • It helps to have something physical to hold

Although the virtual world is useful for so many things, nothing quite beats having a physical copy in your hand. And both you and your employees probably just like to have something to hold, because it feels real.

The reason why it is sometimes helpful to have a physical copy of the document is that for many people it is just easier to work off of a printed document than it is to focus on a web or virtual-based one. Trying to find the information on a screen, and scrolling through thousands of words or numbers can be confusing, and it doesn’t necessarily allow you to easily make adjustments or notes.

With your printed document, you could find that you are more productive and when you share such documents with employees, they too could find that their productivity vastly improves.

Finally, having a physical document can also be a fantastic choice if you are going into a meeting. Along with the presentation that you perhaps have to give, for example, you can accompany it with a printed-out document package. The physical paper pack will help those in the meeting to follow along with what it is that you have to say, and it will also give them a place to make notes.


  • Marketing

As someone who is serious about growing a company and making sure that new clients are easily reached, if you don’t have a printer, you could very much be holding yourself back.

With a printer, you can boost your marketing and get to grips with a whole new audience. Without a copier, you would not be able to make your own advertising prints and would have to resort to paying a fortune for your copies, when you end up having to pay someone else to do the printing for you.

While having online marketing can be a vital marketing tool, printing brochures, and pamphlets, and perhaps even posters can still get your company names out there which in turn could drive people to your website. Basically, you will be using your old-school marketing tactics to enhance your new digital advertising.

And what will give you the edge over your competition is that while everyone else is moving away from paper-based advertising, your company might be making the biggest impact of all, by embracing a strategy that merges prints with the web.


  • Growing your business via mail

In the past, your postal mailbox might have been packed to capacity with business mail, but today, it is probably your email inbox that is overflowing.

Just as you have a mailbox that still gets used, your clients are also sending and receiving mail, especially your local companies. When you have a printer on hand in the office, it will allow you to write short, personal messages to add to any mail you might send. This simple touch can have a wonderful impact on your clients, as it can make them feel special which in turn will foster good business relations.

Growing a special relationship with your clients can not only sustain your business but will also promote loyalty.


  • Your customers might not be paperless

While you might be going ahead with a fully paperless business, your customers might not be so inclined to give up paper completely. This means that you could end up missing out on potential customers and as a result, you could unwittingly halt the growth of your business. This is the worst-case scenario, but it is not the only reason why you should consider your paperless clients.

If your clients are still using paper and you are not, you could end up with a situation where your clients won’t receiving their invoice or they could be inconvenienced when they don’t have access to your latest product lists.

For those companies that are still using paper, you will want to make sure that you have a copier, so that invoices can be sent to them on time and so that you can share other important information with them.

On a side note, copiers don’t have to cost a fortune and if you are really keen on adding one to your office, but you find that your budget is falling short, you could always opt for a refurbished printer. These nifty appliances might have a little mileage on them but when you buy them from a reputable company, they will be in full working order and will give you many years of clear prints!