best office equipment for 2022

The Best Office Equipment for 2022


Going into a new year, every business should re-evaluate whether their inner workings are still running like a well-oiled machine. These inner workings usually refer to a business’ office and whether all its components are up to date and able to increase productivity to the maximum possible level.

There are several tell-tale signs that you might need to upgrade your office equipment in the year 2022 to ensure smooth sailing for your business. You may get the latest updates sent straight to your phone with the EskomSePush app. Keep up with Eskom, City Power in Johannesburg, and the City of Cape Town by following their respective social media accounts. To find out more about the best printers for sale in South Africa, or our affordable copier rentals, get in touch with a consultant today. We also offer SME financing options too.

One of these signs is that time is wasted due to office equipment acting up. If you, for example, you must wait for a printer to restart constantly or can’t make copies because the copier is acting up, you are losing valuable time.

Also, if you are spending too much money on office equipment that is constantly malfunctioning, you need to reconsider whether it is worth it spending that amount of money on repair work or whether it is time to upgrade.

Toshiba Tech offers a wide and versatile range of office equipment, from printers and paper shredders to world-class security solutions. This makes Toshiba Tech the perfect place to enquire about your next upgrade for all office equipment related components.

In this article we will be looking at some of the top-quality equipment and solutions you need to take your office to the next level in 2022.

Here is a list of the Best Office Equipment for 2022




Even though the world is moving toward using less paper, printing remains a crucial component of many offices. Toshiba’s e-STUDIO 5015AC multifunctional copying and printing device is bound to meet all your printing and copying needs.

It prints high-quality colour documents at a speed of up to 50 pages per minute. Added to that it is easy to use with a large user interface, like a tablet. It can be connected to cloud platforms and mobile devices to increase office productivity even more.

The device consists of two sheet drawers that can hold up to 550 sheets of paper each, as well as a 100-sheet bypass.

Duprinter DP-S550
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Toshiba Copiers and Printers for Sale South Africa

e-STUDIO 4518A


If you own a medium to large sized business with the need to copy, print and scan many documents on the daily, the e-STUDIO 4518A will be a perfect addition to your office.

This is a device that produces monochrome documents that are crisp and clear to read. It is exceptionally reliable and durable, with the ability to print up to 45 pages per minute. This machine can connect to cloud platforms and mobile devices and includes a fully customisable user interface that is designed like a tablet.

Its maximum sheet capacity is a whopping 3 200 pages, with standard models coming with a sheet capacity of 1 200 pages.


Powershred® 90S Strip-Cut Shredder


The importance of having a paper shredder in any office is undeniable. Besides having to destroy certain documents to abide to some laws, getting rid of excess paper also means getting rid of clutter and possible fire hazards.

The Powershred® 90S Strip-Cut Shredder is the ideal machine for a busy office with large amounts of documents that must be shredded. A bonus is that it makes minimal noise, which is great for open plan offices or shared working environments.

This machine can shred up to 18 sheets of paper at a time which are then turned into strips that are 5.8 mm in size. It can be used for 25 minutes at a time and includes a 35-litre bin.


Duprinter DP-S550


The difference between a copier and a duplicator is that the latter can copy documents at an exceptionally fast pace, and it is also considerably cheaper to use. If your business has a need for high volumes of copying, without the other add-ons like scanning and faxing, a duplicator might be the best solution for you.

The DP-S550 can make up to 130 A4-sized copies per minute with a maximum sheet size of 297 x 432mm.


CCTV security solutions


Once you have all the equipment you need to make your office run smoothly, it is important to remember that the equipment must be secure and protected.

Investing in a security solution for your office is crucial to protect the huge investment you make in buying supplies and equipment. Toshiba Tech can supply you with everything imaginable to set up an efficient CCTV system at your business premises.

We are a supplier of a wide range of security components, amongst others, access control, camera housings, camera lenses, CCTV systems, fibre optic, a wide range of digital video recorders and so much more.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Toshiba Tech is your one-stop company when it comes to upgrading and updating your office to be ready for what is to come in 2022.

Toshiba Tech also provides a great variety of copiers for sale in South Africa. Contact the Toshiba Tech team today for any additional information.