How to Clean LaserJet Printers


The mechanics of LaserJet printers and copiers can seem quite intricate and intimidating.  But with our guidelines, there are indeed a few small maintenance solutions to attempt if you want to clean your laser printer home before getting in touch with an expert technician. You may get the latest updates sent straight to your phone with the EskomSePush app. Keep up with Eskom, City Power in Johannesburg, and the City of Cape Town by following their respective social media accounts. To find out more about the best printers for sale in South Africa, or our affordable copier rentals, get in touch with a consultant today. We also offer SME financing options too.


This is how to clean a laser printer at home:


First of all, it is important to never force something open or close. The covers and mechanisms of these machines are mostly made of plastic that can easily break with a little bit of force. Everything has a specific way to open or shut.

Open the cover to access and remove the drum unit. Next, remove the toner cartridge. Carefully inspect the roller. Avoid touching it, as you can damage it and the moisture from your skin can create spots. Check for any colour variation or other defects on the roller. You should use the gear to rotate it. It should only turn in one direction and can be rather difficult to rotate. You can use a dry soft cloth or tissue to clean the roller if needed.

If there are vertical lines in the roller, the blade might be dirty or there is toner on the edge of the blade. Take a thin piece of paper, then gently place it between the blade and the roller. Glide it all along the blade in one direction. You should not reverse the same paper or the dirt will simply get stuck again. You can do this a couple of times. Once done, turn the roller to clean the dust you just loosened.

If you find that the cartridge has toner dust all over it after you have properly cleaned the roller, you need to inspect the mylar blade. This blade is responsible for collecting the used ink to store. Check to ensure that is free from cracks, holes, or if it’s loose somewhere. You might have to replace it.

If your machine gets frequent paper jams you can look for any foreign or broken objects that will cause an obstacle as the paper tries to go through the printing process. Remove the object. If you suspect it broke off somewhere, consult a technician and have the part replaced. An untidy paper stack or creased paper can also cause a paper jam.

To clean your printer inside, never use water. These machines use powder to dye the paper so any moisture can cause it to malfunction. Don’t use an aerosol spray either. The cold air will cause condensation to take place and this can also form droplets. Instead, use a dry cloth to wipe everything.

It is okay if you can’t figure everything out about your machine. You can contact our experts who will always give advice and are more than willing to help.

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