Cleaning the Main Chargers and LED Print Heads

Cleaning the Main Chargers and LED Print Heads


If the inside of the main chargers and the print heads of the LED are dirty, the dirt will be transferred to the copied image.

When the machine realises it is dirty the message “time for cleaning” will appear on the screen. And even if it doesn’t display it, you can still clean the print heads and chargers to try and resolve or prevent these problems. The typical indication would be if the images have unevenness or white colour streaks appear in a horizontal direction of prints.

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How to clean the LED print heads and main chargers


You can perform the following steps to clean the main chargers and LED print heads:


To clean the Chargers:


  1. Open the front cover of your copier.
  2. Locate the cleaner and pull it out until the mark appears, then push it back in. You should do this three times for each of the four colours.


To clean the LED heads:


  1. Put your fingers in the waste toner box front grooves. With your thumbs push the latches on top to release the panel. You can pull it towards you.
  2. Place the waste toner box on a sheet of paper or plastic to avoid staining the surface you place it on. The port side should face upwards.
  3. Take out the LED print head cleaner inside the cover.
  4. Locate the four service holes under the toner cartridges and insert the cleaner rod with the arrow facing up and pointing forward all the way in.
  5. Pull the cleaner out until the hole appears.
  6. Repeat three times with all four colours.
  7. Resecure the cleaner with the top on the right and the holding side on the left.
  8. Close all the covers the same way opened. Remember not to tilt the waste toner box.
  9. Once everything is closed, press finished on the screen to dismiss the cleaning message.