10 Copy Machine & Printer Problems and Solutions

10 Copy Machine Problems and Solutions

In the office, there is possibly nothing more infuriating than running into copy machine problems. It doesn’t matter if you are in a great hurry or if you are just printing your day-to-day document, the moment there is an error it can quite literally feel as though your world is falling apart.

Printer problems are one of the most searched for terms on the web. Some 11 million results can be found when you ask Google why your printer is not working. A jam or having a printer that suddenly doesn’t recognise your PC or laptop can put a spanner in your workday and it can cause a tremendous

amount of unnecessary stress in your life.

Since the average price of repairing a printer is around 3 times more than buying a brand new one, office managers and business owners can feel justified in their anxiety over unnecessary expenses when a copier suddenly gives up.

Luckily, since printer problems are a global issue, there are countless solutions to the normal problems you are likely to encounter. 

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  • Paper Jams


We’ve all been there. You’re trying to print a load of documents, or you find your document in the queue alongside a bunch of other print requests, and suddenly the papers get stuck.


There are so many reasons why paper jams happen and there are just as many ways to avoid or remedy the paper jam. Since you can’t always pinpoint the exact issue, here are 4 things that can be done to prevent the problem:

  1. Make sure that the papers are properly lined up before they go into the machine.
  2. Never overfill the tray.
  3. Ensure that the guides are in line with the tray.
  4. Square off the paper before placing it into the tray.
  • Prints are too light


Faded prints are a common issue when the printer is running low on ink. The other problem could be that the printer cartridges are somehow damaged or not correctly placed. Another reason why this could be happening has to do with dried ink that has attached itself to the top of the cartridge and thus prevents the ink from coming out.

If you have been printing for a while and you think you could have run out of ink, simply replace your cartridge. If you suspect that the cartridge is being blocked, you can try removing it, turning it upside down, and then blot it using a paper towel.

You should also check if any part of the cartridge has been jammed


  • Spots on the page


Also known as blotting, this issue is often caused by the ink cartridge being partly blocked by dried old ink. You should try the same solution suggested above. Remove the ink cartridge, blot the opening on a paper towel and try to remove any dried build-up.

The other issue could be that there are marks on the copy mirror or glass that needs to be cleaned.

Copy machine and printer
  • The printer is not connecting to the Wi-Fi


The arrival of Wi-Fi has completely changed a lot of office tasks and with Wi-Fi printers, devices of all types can connect to the printer, which just makes life easier. But when the printer decides it is no longer connecting to the Wi-Fi, then Wi-Fi is suddenly no longer such a blessing.

If you are having trouble connecting the first thing to do is disconnect your device and then reconnect it, to see if that is the issue. You can also try turning the device off and then on again, to see if that clears the problem. The problem could also be related to the drivers, in which case you should check if there is an update that you might need to install.


  • Lines on the paper


Having a print come out with unwanted lines on it is a waste of time and money. But the fix is fairly simple:

  1.  Check if there are unwanted substances on the scanner mirror or glass (if you are making a copy from a scan)
  2.  Check if the drum is malfunctioning.
  3.  Check the drum blade for any issues.


If you intend to DIY the issue, then make sure that you refer to the printer manual. If your printer is being rented, contact the company you are renting it from.

printer problems
  • Cartridge or Toner Issues


There are two things to check when you are possibly experiencing cartridge or toner issues. It could be that the cartridge is malfunctioning because it is empty in which case you can simply replace it with a new one, or the malfunction could be due to one of two things:

  1. There is a manufacturer error. A poor quality cartridge has no solution, you will have to replace it.
  2. There is an incompatibility problem. If you are using the wrong type of cartridge, your prints will either look inferior or they won’t print anything at all.


  • Copies are too dark


The very opposite of too light, when your print seems overwhelmingly saturated, you will want to check that there isn’t an imbalance in the copier’s density controls. Go into the settings and check that everything is in order. The other reason why this could be happening is that the drum is at the end of its lifespan.


  • Wrinkled Pages


A wrinkled page is not just going to make reading the copy a little difficult, but it is also going to look really unprofessional if you intend to share the copies with others. Wrinkled pages are the result of a worn-out feed or it is a sign that the exit rollers are jamming the papers. One of the only ways to fix this is to call in the professionals and let them give the machine a once-over as there might be parts that need replacing.

  • Blank sheets


Having blank sheets of paper coming out of the machine for no conceivable reason can be confusing, especially in an office that is really busy. While some printers have a feature that allows the device to eject a blank page to separate different print jobs, if yours is not this type of printer, then you should consult your printer’s manual or contact a technician.


  • The printer is slow


Before we get into this it is important to keep in mind that some printers are just slow and there is nothing that you can do to make them print any faster. But if you have a printer that can print faster, and now it is slower than it has ever been, you might want to check your connection. If you have a web-based connection, it could be your slow internet that is preventing you from printing any faster than you are. The other reason why you could be printing at such a slow pace has to do with the quality of the print. If you are printing in high-quality only, then think about lowering the print quality.