Five reasons to buy a copier from Toshiba Tech

Five reasons to buy a copier from Toshiba Tech


A paperless office sounds fantastic in theory, but in practice, many businesses, especially small or home offices, still need to copy printed documents regularly enough to validate keeping an in-house copier on hand.


A new generation of multifunction printers (MFP), which can print, copy, scan and even fax, has replaced the old-style stand-alone office copy machines that have virtually disappeared in the digital age. Today, a copier is often a printer with built-in scanning, so that a document may be duplicated by scanning it and then printing it off.

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At Toshiba Tech we have seen the global trend with copier prices dropping, but the number of features they provide is increasing, making them an excellent value for the money. Each business has its own unique operating environment driven by needs, resources, and output. Buying the best copier for your business will depend on a number of factors, including cost, volumes that the copier can handle, connectivity with the company network and systems, media versatility and colour output, to name a few.

While these intrinsic features are vital when considering your purchase, you can add enormous value to your product when you buy from a reputable and credible supplier.

Choosing a reputable supplier isn’t as simple as looking over the company inventory. In order to maintain a long-term business relationship, a supplier has to constantly improve its internal and external systems, as well as his goods and services. A high-quality service is made possible, in part by ongoing investments and a thorough inspection of all incoming commodities.

Toshiba Tech is one of South Africa’s leading copier suppliers and is professionally geared to help you select the best printer for your business. 

We have put together five reasons why you should buy your next copier or printer at Toshiba Tech.


Benefits of purchasing copiers from Toshiba tech




With a vast variety of goods and solutions, Toshiba is famous for enabling the simple art of business by delivering a comprehensive range of products that serve to successfully simplify any company. With a long history of dependability, Toshiba copiers are among the most popular in the workplace.


Not only does the Toshiba brand inspire trust with its clients, but the Toshiba Tech team adds great value and dependability with its professional and friendly way of doing business, as well as broad-based experience and knowledge. Toshiba Tech SA has a well-informed sales team that will guide your buying experience to find the match of its product to your requirement and resources.

The company also has a dedicated Solutions and Services Team to guarantee that clients get the best possible after-sales assistance.




Companies frequently need to innovate in order to keep up with and overcome the difficulties of change. In the long run, stagnation may be disastrous for your company. In today’s highly competitive environment, it is essential to achieve organisational and economic success via innovation.


Toshiba tech copiers allow you to employ the latest technology and innovative processes that will keep your business operations and systems up to date.


An innovative technical solutions firm situated in South Africa that operates independently of Toshiba Corporation, such as Toshiba Tech, may help your business achieve an advantage in the marketplace.




A transaction is cost-effective if it provides the most value for the least amount of money. To maximise the amount of money invested, the notion is often used while deciding between several investment possibilities. It includes methods for rerouting resources in order to get more done. Toshiba Tech has a wide selection of multifunctional photocopiers at cost-effective prices that are sure to improve workplace efficiency and productivity.


Large and small businesses alike may benefit from our flexible rental and leasing options for the top copier models. In the event of a problem, you may rest easy knowing that help is only a phone call away.


With a monthly leasing contract from Toshiba Tech, you may be astonished at how much money may be saved in terms of office space, operating expenses, energy prices, and equipment procurement costs.


Wide range of copiers and buying options


Toshiba, a worldwide renowned brand, is one of the world’s biggest enterprises and a pioneer in the area of digital office automation, which includes multifunctional black and colour copiers.


In addition to black and white desktop multipurpose printer/fax/copy machines, we also provide commercial-sized digital photocopier studios in a variety of configurations. We offer used and refurbished printers at the most competitive pricing available in South Africa.


Energy efficient


When you consider the cost per page and the usage of a scanner in a photocopy machine, it is possible to save a significant quantity of toner and paper by preventing the creation of needless copies. Furthermore, the most recent office photocopier consumes a significantly less amount of energy, which may be conserved and used to significantly decrease the electricity costs by employing a photocopier that automatically switches to standby mode when not in use.