what is erasable ink

What is erasable ink?


Have you ever been handed a stack of paper in a meeting and found that only one page was of importance to you? Toshiba noticed the amount of paper wasted and developed a brilliant solution, erasable ink.


The top benefits of erasable ink


Toshiba kicked off new dawn of imaging products in the world that changed the industry forever.

The printer uses normal paper and has two modes, normal black ink for documents that are meant to be kept and used, and then the magic blue ink. This ink can print anything you would have had to print in black, including images, except that you can put it back in the printer and it will be erased in order for the paper to be re-used. Additionally, to the printer ink, Pilot erasable pens and some highlighters can be erased as well.

Toshiba states that the average number of times you can re-use one sheet of paper is four times. This depends a lot on what was printed and there are users that claim to have used it more than just four times. There are two main limiting factors. The first is you need the paper to stay neat to be able to print on it again. Paper that has been creased can make it difficult to feed through the printer and it does not look professional anymore.

benefits of erasable ink

The second is that the ink still leaves a trace in the paper once it was erased, almost as if you printed using white ink. This can be seen especially when the paper is just white, but once you printed over it again, the new ink overpowers the white traces. For this reason, it is also suggested not to rely solely on erasable ink when it comes to sensitive or confidential information.


This blue ink is expensive, but the benefit is plentiful. The blue ink is something to get used to at first but works well and Toshiba promises to bring out more colours in the future. Although there is much room for further development, the innovation of erasable ink is a great step in the process of creating an eco-friendlier office environment.

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