Do you know the signs of when you should replace your copier equipment?

Probably not since you are reading this. But not to worry, we have all of the information and answers to help you decide if now is the time for a copier update or to rent a new copier.

The technology in the copier industry is constantly evolving and improving. Not only are copiers becoming more efficient in both the home and the office, but they are also becoming a whole lot better at producing high quality image prints.

Once a busy office day gets started, the copier is seldom left alone for long. Just think of how many times a day the printer gets used?

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There are many reasons why your company still needs a copier. This frequent use naturally means that even if your printer is well maintained, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced and you need to know what signs to look out for.

  1. Your equipment is outdated

The rate at which copiers are developed and new machines are introduced, means that your copier could be considered old long before you’d think. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and buy a new or refurbished copier (no matter how affordable it might be) right now, but it is something to keep in mind while considering this point.

The lifespan of your printer is very much going to be influenced by the quality of the brand you have chosen. Great brands can have a lifespan of about 5 to 10 years, when being constantly used, and printers that are not that great in terms of quality will have a lifespan that is far less than this timeframe.

To determine whether or not your printer is outdated, consider the age of the copier. You can also commit to reviewing your printer every 5 years or so to see if it is still up to scratch.


  1. Your copier is malfunctioning

Consistent malfunctions and copier failures, topped with frustrated staff who are constantly at their wits end when it comes to having the prints not materialise as they need them to, is a good sign that your printer needs to be replaced.

While you might be able to tweak the printer and get it to work, eventually your quick fixes will stop being effective and you will end up stuck without a printer at the most inopportune time, like just before a meeting or right before you need to post a document.

If you notice that your printer is giving you more trouble than usual, you can either have someone run a repair on it, or you can replace it completely with something new.


  1. Your prints just don’t look great

When a printer starts to become outdated, one of the first big giveaways, aside from the printer malfunctioning, is that the prints that are coming out are just not looking that great. Distorted inks, unclear images, or constant paper jams that end up ruining the quality of the print is a relatively good sign that the copier might need replacing.

The last thing that you should be doing is giving out unsightly prints that could reflect badly on your company or end up making whoever is getting the print out to completely miss the message or vital information that you are trying to share.

Keep in mind though, that a loss in quality can also be a sign of the printer needing a good service or it could be a sign that the ink is running out.


  1. Your employees are complaining

When your employees are no longer happy with the printer because it keeps on breaking down or just not performing optimally, it’s a sign that you could need to replace the copier. It is immensely important that your employees are happy and that their work experience is as easy and seamless as possible, so you’ll want to make sure that the printer is up to date.


  1. You have new printing needs

As your company evolves and the work that you do begins to change, you might just find that your printing needs also change. It could be that you once only printed black and white documents but now you also want to do a little colourful in-house printing for your presentations and marketing materials, or it could be that you are suddenly printing far more than usual and so you need a new printer that can accommodate your new needs.


  1. You can’t find ink

As the many different, new printer models become available, there might be times when you can’t find the ink (toner) for your printer anymore. While you could be really happy with your printer and would have otherwise have had absolutely no intention of replacing it with something new, when you no longer have the means to find ink, it is time to upgrade.


  1. Your copier isn’t safe

Copiers these days are connected to the internet via Ethernet cables and Wi-Fi. This function is fantastic because it just makes life easier and ensures that you can print at a speed, but it also opens up a certain security risk and means you should be asking questions about just how secure your copier actually is.

Copiers can store the data that is sent to them which means that when your copier is connected to the internet and it is not secure, then that important data could quite easily be stolen.


  1. Your copier is using too much energy

In the modern business world, having an energy efficient but affordable printer is incredibly important. Not only will energy efficiency cut back on the monthly electricity bill but it will also help you play a bigger role in conserving electricity and saving the environment.

Outdated copiers tend to use up loads of energy because the internal mechanisms are old. Modern copiers are made to use less energy without the copier lessening the quality of the print out.

If the copier is able to save lots of energy, the new printer might just end up paying for itself. And don’t forget that new can also mean refurbished. Most refurbished printers are as good as new but cost much less than the brand new version, meaning you can upgrade your office products without breaking the bank.